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Noida: Viral Video Girls In Delhi Metro Create Holi Reel On Scooty, Get Fined Rs. 33,000 | WATCH

Delhi Metro Viral Video Girls: The two girls can be seen coloring each other in the video as the bike travels down the road.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Noida: Video of two girls in Noida creating a reel on a scooty goes viral | Image:X

Noida Viral Video: Two women were fined by Noida Traffic Police for violations related to riding without a helmet and triple riding. The women featured in viral footage, one of which was purportedly taken inside the Delhi metro and featured the 'Ang Laga De' Holi video that gained widespread attention a few days ago. Authorities in Delhi Metro, however, referred to it as a deep fake.

Delhi Metro Viral Video Girl On Bike

Two girls are seated behind a man who is seen riding a bike in the footage. The girls are interestingly facing one another. It just so happens that the background music is the same tune that was utilized in the controversial "deep fake" video that was allegedly shot on the Delhi metro. The two girls can also be seen coloring each other in the video as the bike travels down the road. For the violations, the women were fined Rs 33,000. 

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Noida Police In Action

On social media, a number of people commended the Noida Police for taking action against the teenagers, but others complained that the fine was "way too high." Netizens also urged the government to take action against the girls in the video after the video went viral and received a lot of backlash.

Delhi Metro Viral Video

The two women were seen sitting on a Delhi metro floor surrounded by vibrant colors in a recent viral video. They are dressed in white. To the tune of "Ang Laga De," they engage in provocative behavior by applying color powder to each other's faces, causing discomfort to other passengers. Online users were outraged by the video and demanded that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) take action. 

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In response to a widely shared video depicting two women enjoying Holi inside a metro coach, the DMRC took action. The DMRC mentioned the potential use of deepfake technology while stating that it is looking into the video's legitimacy. They are also looking for any possible policy violations on the video. The DMRC reaffirmed its attempts to forbid such behavior on its network and asked users to report any such events right away.


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