Updated March 5th, 2024 at 15:18 IST

Patna's Vande Bharat Network Expands with Trains to Siliguri & Lucknow Via Ayodhya

Patna to get two new Vande Bharat trains connecting it to Siliguri and Lucknow via Ayodhya. One train's schedule is confirmed, taking 7 hours to Siliguri.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Patna Gets Two Vande Bharat Trains, One To Siliguri & Another To Lucknow | Image:PTI

Indian Railways is increasing the network of the Vande Bharat Express and making it reach all over India. And in the latest development, these two new Vande Bharat trains will be starting from Patna. These trains will connect Patna to Lucknow via Ayodhya, and others will connect it to Siligudi. Here’s the detailed route and timetable of the new Vande Bharat Express trains from Patna.

The timetable of the train to Lucknow via Ayodhya has not been decided, but the timetable for the train running to Siligudi has been confirmed. But both of the trains are expected to start running the following week. 


New Vande Bharat Train Schedules from Patna:

The train running from Patna to Siligudi will cover a total distance of 471 kilometers in 7 hours. The departure time of this train from Siligudi is 6:00 AM; it will reach Kishanganj at 7:00 AM, Katihar at 8:30 AM, and Patna at 1:00 PM. 


This train will start its journey back to Siligudi at 3:00 PM, reach Katihar at 7:30 PM, reach Kishanganj at 20:49 PM, and it will reach New Jalpaigudi at 10:00 PM. 

The timetable of the Vande Bharat Train that will connect Patna to Lucknow is not confirmed yet. It will travel from Patna to Lucknow via DDU, and a new rack has reached Rajendra Nagar for this train. Whereas, the train is kept at the Rajendra Nagar Coaching Complex. All the routine checkups and trial runs have been completed. The route of this train is Patna, Aara, Buxar, DDU, Ayodhya, and then Lucknow. It is expected to start at 6:00 AM and reach Lucknow at 10:30 PM. 




Published March 5th, 2024 at 15:18 IST