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PM Modi Reveals What Congress Insider Told Him About Maoists

The PM in conversation with Republic TV, addressed various topics including, national and global, focusing on - Politics & Vision for Bharat.

Reported by: Isha Bhandari
PM Modi Reveals What Congress Insider Told Him About Maoists | Image:Republic

New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made startling claims about the state of affairs within the Indian National Congress party. Modi alleged that veteran leaders who have recently departed from the Congress fold revealed disturbing insights about the party's internal dynamics. He asserted, "What I hear from former Congress leaders is that the party is completely engulfed in the realms of extremism and Maoism. Those within Congress are deeply concerned about the party's actions. It is imperative to address this issue as it is not just about winning votes."

Watch | PM Modi's full interview with Arnab Goswami 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an exclusive conversation with Republic Media Network on Nation Wants to Know, exuded confidence in NDA-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on crossing 400 seats on June 4. 


In the candid conversation, the Prime Minister addressed various topics, national and global, primarily focusing on - Politics, Vision for Bharat and current global challenges. He also talked about his journey from his first time as Prime Minister in 2014 and then being re-elected in 2019. Speaking ahead of the elections, PM Modi said, “He said, “In 2024, it seems my success story has become a challenge for me. I need blessings to cross new heights. The ‘sky is the limit’ but I have come for much more."

Here are the highlights from PM Modi's exclusive interview with Republic:-

"Shouldn't Bother About Pakistan, We Have Moved Far Ahead"

Upon being asked about any apparent change in Pakistan’s approach in the last decade, the Prime Minister said that he has put a lock on Pakistan being a factor in running India. "We shouldn’t bother much about whether Pakistan changes its approach. For the last 10 years, I have put a lock on Pakistan being a factor in running India."


"Let Pakistan manage 2 square meals. We don’t need to waste our time. We have moved far ahead. We should not develop ourselves while keeping them in mind. We should instead think about our new generations and take care of them," he added. 

PM Modi on Global Conflicts

Talking about India's active participation in global conflict, the PM said that India stands strong on the idea of peace. Recalling his meeting with the Russian President amidst the ongoing Ukraine war, he said, “I led Putin in the eye. I told him this wasn’t the time for war.” Furthermore, sharing a recent incident during Ramadan, the PM said that India sent a special envoy to Israel to assist the people affected by the war in Gaza. 


‘World Knows Who’ll Win Elections'

Amidst the Lok Sabha Elections in India, the Prime Minister told the Republic that he has been getting invitations since June last year, with world leaders telling him he'll win the elections.  "Invitations are piling up as world leaders asserted that I'll be winning the elections," Prime Minister.


PM Explains 'Reform, Perform, Transform' Mantra

Sharing highlights on the NDA govt mantra of ‘Reform, Perform and Transform’ steered India towards the growing stage, PM said, “To reform, it's the responsibility of the political leadership and elected body to take hard decisions. In the light of reforms, bureaucracy has to perform. Subsequently, transformation takes shape. It's a systematic arrangement which can be carried when citizens are taken into consideration.”

Congress Misused PSUs'

Taking a swipe at the Congress government, the Prime Minister charged Congress with misusing resources of the government enterprises, which led to their collapse.

“For 60 years, Congress misused the resources of public sector enterprises. In 2009, the CAG report revealed that 68 public sector companies were ruined due to mismanagement. But we ensured that there was no political interference in PSUs, but only invention. We stopped misuse of PSU resources by the political class.”


'India a Mine of Opportunities'

Expressing his wish, PM said he wants to make Kolkata and Guwahati, two mega global economic hubs for South East Asia. Asserting that India can be the capital of South East Asia, the prime minister explained how his government works on the “Triveni” formula.


"The world recognises that our growth positively impacts the global economy. For the world, India is a mine of opportunities."

"Why can’t India be the capital of South East Asia? I want to make Kolkata an attractive hub for South East Asia."


"Guwahati and Kolkata can be key hubs for South East Asia. The world recognises that our growth positively impacts the global economy. For the world, India is a mine of opportunities."

'Proud of Our 500-year Fight For Ram Mandir'

Speaking on Ram Mandir's inauguration, PM said, "We are proud of the 500-year-fight for the Ram Temple and this struggle can inspire people across the globe."

"Why did we fight against the British Raj What was the need for Independence? This is because self-respect and honour holds and important place in any civilisation."


"Our journey is from Dev se desh, Ram se rashtra (from deity to country, from Ram to nation)," he continued.

Party With Daamad Having Rs 250cr In Foreign Banks Or A CM With 250 Pair Of Clothes: PM Modi on Congress' Allegation

Prime Minister recalled how the Congress leaders have accused him of having 250 pair of clothes. "Once Congress leaders in Gujarat levelled an allegation that Modi has 250 pairs of clothes. On that very day, I had a public meeting where I addressed the allegation. I said that either you have wrongly attached the number 2 or wrongly attached the number 5. But despite their allegation being a false one, I accepted it."

"I asked if the people want a Chief Minister with 250 pair of clothes or CM of a party whose son-in-law has grabbed land of poor worth Rs 250 crore. I asked if they wanted a CM with 250 pair of clothes or a party's CM whose son-in-law has Rs 250 crore deposited in foreign banks," he added.


Who Is True Secular? Iqbal Ansari or Congress: Asks PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi lauded Iqbal Ansari, a former litigant in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid cause, for being 'a true secular' and attending the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony, despite his family's historical association with the Babri Masjid case.


"I wondered if  Ansari was a true secular or Congress. And, after this incident, I felt that Ansari is a real secular person," adding that on the other hand, Congress was against the inauguration.

BJP's 400 Paar Means Constitution Change?

Refuting claims of opposition parties that NDA is seeking to return to power with ‘400 Paar’ to change the constitution, the PM said, "I wanted to celebrate Constitution Day, but the Congress opposed. It was India’s first Prime Minister Nehru who altered the constitution. Congress has always attacked the spirit of the Constitution by imposing the President's rule over 100 times. They imposed an Emergency, blowing out the Constitution. Not me, Congress wants to change the Constitution by introducing religious reservations."

'Mamata is Doing What The Congress Did Earlier': PM on Sandeshkhali

When asked to comment on Sandeshkhali becoming a symbol of misgovernance in West Bengal, PM Modi said, "West Bengal and Tamil Nadu have led the country in many moments of crisis. Unfortunately, both Bengal and Tamil Nadu have been victims of crooked politics. After Sandeshkhali, Bengal is sitting on a volcano, which can erupt anytime. We’re speaking on the same issues Mamata once used to raise against the Left in Parliament. Mamata is doing what the Left and Congress did earlier, only worse."

Sitting Congress MP Told Me that Party Taken Over by Maoist Ideology: PM Modi Tells Republic

"A sitting Congress MP and a candidate for ongoing Lok Sabha elections told me that they are stuck in Maoist ideology. I am a Congressman and I will speak in the House whatever I have to but I am concerned,” PM Modi quoted the senior Congress leader as saying.

"This means that within the Congress, those who know and understand its values are very upset with these ideologies. The nation must worry about this. It is not at all a political slugfest to gain votes," PM added. 


"Congress Attacked Consitution Physically'

Tightening his grip over Congress, PM said, "Congress has attacked the Constitution both physically and in spirit. By amending freedom of speech, Congress attacked the spirit of the Constitution. By imposing the President's Rule over 100 times, Congress dealt a body blow to the Constitution. Then there was an Emergency. Not me, Congress wants to change the Constitution by introducing religious reservations."


"I wanted to celebrate Constitution Day, but Congress opposed me. It was India’s first Prime Minister Nehru who altered the constitution. Congress has always attacked the spirit of the Constitution by imposing the President's rule over 100 times."


Congress is Attacking Secularism by Planning the Muslim Quota

In the much-awaited interview amidst elections, the PM said, "Muslim Quota will be the final nail in the soul of the constitution. Congress is attacking secularism by violating the constitution to plan Muslim quota," PM Modi said.


He added, "Bharat can grow only with Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Viswas and Sabka Prayas. There should be no discrimination based on caste, creed, and religion. There should be no regional discrimination as well."

'Conspiracy to Divide India':  PM Modi on Rahul-Pitroda's Racist Slur

Launching a scathing attack on Congress over its divisive policy and its racist remarks that recently stoked controversy in the political arena of the country.

"According to them (Congress), I am Arab. These things hurt deeply. I come from a society where I have tolerated such insults. I know how painful it will be for people to hear such comments. The PM added,” Though Pitroda has now resigned, if you see a report of ‘Shehzada’, you will find him speaking about divisive policy last week. This is a serious matter. He (Rahul Gandhi) had said that the people who set the paper for NEET, JEE etc belong to the upper castes, and that’s why the people from the Dalit and Adivasi communities fail the exam. He then gave an example of America saying that when white skin-coloured people used to set papers, then blacks would fail and vice-versa."


'Zero-Tolerance': PM Modi On Wiping Out Corruption

When asked by Arnab about why corruption has not been eradicated even after 10 years of the NDA-led BJP government, PM said, "Only those who are untainted can fight against corruption. I have zero tolerance to corruption and corruption will be wiped out. The game of deceit has to come to an end."


He added that ever since he came to power, people who once preached about corruption have been exposed. He also stated that upon taking office, he granted probe agencies a free hand and unrestricted authority to operate."

Finding Legal Ways to Return Money to Victims

In the much-awaited 100-minute interview, the Prime Minister made a big statement and said that he is taking legal advice on how to return the money of poor people 'looted' in corruption. "I’m examining ways whether the land snatched in Bihar's Land for Jobs scam can be returned. In Bengal, there’s an established rate card for government jobs. In Kerala, communists looted thousands of crores from the poor and middle class in co-op bank scams. Finding legal ways to return attached property seized from corrupt to the poor.”

“When stacks of cash are evident, how can there be doubt about the actions of CBI or ED? The truth is, the corrupt have been caught red-handed. After I've come to power, those who lectured on corruption are exposed. When I came to power, I gave the probe agencies a completely free hand. My fight against corruption was not guided by vengeance. I made it clear to agencies to take action irrespective of person or party", he added.

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