Updated December 18th, 2023 at 15:22 IST

Hagrama Mohilary party BPF to get major setback, as Chandan Brahma all set to join UPPL

The Bodoland People's Front (BPF), led by Hagrama Mohilary, is facing a hunger for power within the party's ranks.

Reported by: Anirudha Bhakat
Chandan Brahma to join UPPL | Image: Chandan Brahma Facebook

Assam: The Bodoland People's Front (BPF), led by Hagrama Mohilary, the first and now former Chief Executive Member of Bodoland Territorial Council aka Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), is set to get a major setback. The hunger for power is growing among the organisation’s leaders.

The BPF, which was earlier a part of the North-East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) in Assam backed by the NDA government, is out of power after its fallout with the BJP in 2021. During the 2021 elections, BPF joined the Mahajuth led by the Congress and faced a humiliating loss in the elections. 


Ever since, Hagrama Mohilary, the chairperson of BPF, is trying to revive relations with the BJP. However, things are not turning out as expected and the BJP continues to maintain cozy relations with the United People's Party Liberal (UPPL), which is the rival political party of the BPF. 

BPF leaders unhappy

Now, after being out of power for three years, many leaders within the BPF are not happy with the way things are going. One of the prominent leaders from the party, Chandan Brahma, is now in talks with the UPPL as well as its ally BJP, which is also the ruling party in the State, to facilitate his joining the UPPL. 

A source close to Brahma has confirmed that several rounds of informal talks have already happened between Brahma and the current BTR Chief Pramod Bodo, as well as some top BJP leaders. Brahma, however, was not available immediately to comment upon it.


Chandan Brahma was the Minister of Culture, Government of Assam from 2016 to 2021. He was a member of the Assam Legislative Assembly in the same period.

No one wants to be with the BPF: Pramod Bodo

Meanwhile, speaking exclusively to Republic, BTR Chief Pramod Bodo and also the ruling party UPPL, said that many leaders are ready to jump ship. Without naming Brahma or any other, he said, “No one wants to be with the BPF, but they are scared of their Commander-in-Chief. Let time pass, definitely many leaders will join the UPPL.”

On the other hand, a source in the BPF has confirmed that during a recent meeting, many leaders expressed their discontent. The party wants to solidify the alliance with the BJP ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, which are very crucial elections.


However, things are not moving as expected, as a result of which now many from the BPF are willing to join their rival political party.


Published December 18th, 2023 at 15:22 IST