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Maratha Reservation: What Are Activist Manoj Jarange's Key Demands

Manoj Jarange has also demanded that the govt's free education policy should be amended to include all Marathas until the benefit of reservation is implemented.

Reported by: Abhishek Tiwari
Maratha Quota Activist Manoj Jarange demanded amendment in free education policy | Image:ANI/ File Photo

Mumbai: Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange on Friday made a fresh demand to the Maharashtra government citing that the state government amend its free education policy to include all Marathas until the benefit of reservation becomes available for the entire community. The latest development has come up amid a warning from the Maratha quota leader that they will stage a massive protest in Mumbai, if the government doesn’t come with a resolution till Friday night.

Manoj Jarange also made it clear that he will remain committed to his agitation until the community secures reservation in government jobs and educational institutions. A government delegation earlier met Jarange, during which he addressed protestors at Shivaji Chowk in Navi Mumbai.


After meeting the government delegation, he made it clear that he intends to discuss with his supporters about those certain documents, which were handed over to him by the delegation. He added that the next course of action will further be decided based on the meeting.

There is no stepping backward, emphasized Activist Manoj Jarange

The protestors are for a long time protesting seeking reservation quota for the Marathas. The key demand of the demonstrators is the grant of Kunbi (OBC) status to the Maratha community.

Manoj Jarange, emphasized that there is no going back on the agitation till we get reservation.


On January 16, Jarange had demanded that 54 lakh Marathas should be issued Kunbi caste certificates within two days. He stated, "So far, 54 lakh records showing members of the Maratha caste as belonging to the agrarian Kunbi community have been found, and all these persons should be given Kunbi certificates immediately."

"The government has told me that 54 lakh Kunbi records (family belonging to Kunbi community) have been found, of which 37 lakh certificates have been given. We need data on who these people are," he said.


Earlier, talking to the reporters, Maharashtra Minister Deepak Kesarkar said that the demands of the activist have been acknowledged and will be met in accordance with the established government procedures stating that 37 lakh Kunbi certificates have already been issued, and this number is expected to increase to 50 lakh.

Appealing that all Marathas should apply for the Kunbi certificate to avail of reservation, Jarange said, "More than two crore Marathas will get OBC certificates after Kunbi records are found."


The Maratha reservation activist said that the free education policy from KG (Kindergarten)
to PG (Post-Graduation) for all Marathas should be amended, until the entire community gets reservation. He even said that the policy should be amended so that boys also get free education besides girls..

He has also demanded withdrawal of cases registered against Maratha activists during the quota protests. 


History of Maratha Reservation

The Marathas are a group of castes comprising peasants and landowners among others constituting nearly 33% of the state’s population. While most Marathas are Marathi-speaking, not all Marathi-speaking people belong to the Maratha community.


Historically, they have been identified as a warrior caste. However, over the years, due to various factors many Marathas have faced social and economic backwardness.

The community still plays an important role in the rural economy. Therefore, they have been demanding reservation in government jobs and educational institutions under the category of Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC).



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