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Pondicherry: 77 Year Old Executive Of Mitsubishi Stuns Students with Tamil Song At University Event

Kuboki San, a 77-year-old executive from Mitsubishi Corporation Ltd., Japan, captures the hearts of MBA students

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
Senior Mitsubishi Executive Sings Tamil Song From Rajnikanth Movie, Video Viral | Image:X

Pondicherry: At the recent GLOBIZZ'24 event hosted by Pondicherry University, an unexpected and delightful moment happened when Mr. Kuboki San, a 77-year-old executive from Mitsubishi Corporation Ltd., Japan, captures the hearts of MBA students.

Video is shared on social media platform X by @Ananth_IARS with caption which says, “At the age of 77, Mr. Kuboki San of Mitusubishi Corporation Ltd, Japan, at the GLOBIZZ'24 event conducted by Pondicherry University! He enthralled the MBA students with the Tamil Song from Rajnikanth starred movie "Muthu", which has been rocking in Japan since 1995!


Kuboki San sang a Tamil song from the iconic Rajnikanth starrer movie "Muthu." His performance not only surprised but also deeply resonated with the audience, highlighting the enduring cultural connections between Japan and India.

Viral video shows Mr. Kuboki San, a distinguished executive from Mitsubishi Corporation Ltd., with decades of experience in the corporate world. He was invited as a chief guest at the event hosted by Pondicherry University.


Watch Viral Video Here:

His presence at the GLOBIZZ'24 event, was to inspire MBA students of Pondicherry University. The students and other dignitaries present at the event seen enjoying his presence and learnt valuable management lessons.

It is also important to note that the Rajnikanth has huge fan following in Japan and the song sang by the senior Mitsubishi executive at the Pondicherry University event is from 1995 blockbuster “Muthu”.


Viewers in the comment section are praising video. One viewer comments, “Please download this”, another viewer comments, “This is wholesome”. All praising the positive energy senior Mitsubishi executive brings to the event.

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