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Porsche Crash: Pune Cops 'Have CCTV Footage' of Teen Drinking Alcohol, Claims CP Amitesh Kumar

The Pune Police Commissioner on Friday claimed that they have the CCTV footage of the 17-year-old boy drinking liquor at a pub.

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Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar | Image:File Photo

Pune: The Pune Police Commissioner on Friday claimed that they have the CCTV footage of the 17-year-old boy drinking liquor at a pub before driving the Porsche that rammed into a bike on May 19, immediately killing two people.  

Pune CP Amitesh Kumar claimed that Pune Porsche Crash case doesn't solely depend on the blood report of the accused as the police already hold evidence of him drinking alcohol.


"We have the CCTV footage of him drinking liquor in the pub...The point of saying this is that our case is not alone depending on the blood report; we have other evidence also. He (minor accused) was in his senses. It was not as if all of them were so drunk that they could not understand anything. They had full knowledge that due to their conduct, an incident like this happened," he said.

He added that the police haven't yet received blood reports of the teen. "We had taken two individual samples and will cross-check if both are same," said the Pune CP.


Attempt to Frame Driver Exposed 

The Pune top cop claimed that the 17-year-old ‘rich brat’ was in his ‘full senses’ while driving the Porsche that killed two and attempts were made to frame that teen was not driving the car by pinning the blame on the driver. 


"There was an attempt to show that the accused was not driving the vehicle and someone else was driving, but they couldn't do that as police investigated," Kumar said.

The police chief's statement came days after the teen's family claimed that their driver was behind steering the wheel when the accident occured on May 19 (Sunday). The family driver, in his first statement, also claimed that he was driving the Porsche at the time of accident.

"We will take action under Section 201 (destruction of evidence) against those persons who tried to show that the accused juvenile was not driving the car and some adult driver was behind the wheels," the Pune police chief said.


The police chief said CCTV footage showed the vehicle was taken out by the accused from his residence.

Pune Porsche Crash 

The Porsche crash that occured in Kalyani Nagar area led to the deaths of two young IT professionals, identified as Aneesh Awadhiya and his friend Ashwini Koshta.

Initially, the Juvenile Justice Board granted bail to the accused teenager on the condition that he will write an essay on road safety. The subsequent nationwide outrage forced the authorities to cancel the bail. The accused was sent to a remand home. 


The police have also arrested the father of the teen and the owners of the pubs that served alcohol to the super rich brat.  





Published May 24th, 2024 at 13:47 IST