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'Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye,' Says PM Modi On His 'Guarantee' of Fulfilling Promises

PM Modi spoke extensively about 'Modi ki Guarantee' being used across in pre-poll rallies and much more.

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'Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye,' Says PM Modi On His 'Guarantee' of Fulfilling His Promises | Image:ANI

New Delhi: In one of the biggest pre-poll interviews of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with news agency ANI on Monday, the former spoke extensively about 'Modi ki Guarantee' being used across poll rallies and what it meant for him. 

Stressing on taking ownership of what a leader said, PM Modi elaborated, “I feel that political leadership is becoming questionable. In such a situation, we should remember that we have a tradition of 'pran jaye par vachan na jaye.' (You can lose your life but not your word). I feel politicians should take ownership, they should take responsibility for whatever they say.”


In a pincer attack on the Opposition, PM Modi said, “Every candidate is important in the upcoming elections. But ‘Modi ki guarantee’ is about ownership and taking responsibility. If you see other political leaders’ speeches, there is no accountability. Of late, I heard a politician say 'ek jhatke mein garibi hata dunga...' Those who got a chance to be in power for five to six decades, when they say this, the country thinks ‘what is this man saying?'"


PM Modi said, “I commit and even take ownership and when one takes ownership, the country has faith in you. Today you see, when we say something, people trust us. We'll abolish 370...we have been saying this since our party (BJP) was born. We were on it with all our strength. Syama Prasad Mukherjee sacrificed his life. When it was my turn, I showed courage and abolished Article 370. Today, it changed the fortune of Jammu and Kashmir.”

He added, “Trust has huge strength in it... and I consider this trust as my responsibility. Hence I keep reiterating myself about the guarantee.”


PM Modi said when he spoke of 'Modi ki guarantee,' he was giving people a guarantee that he would fulfill all the promises that he has made.



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