Updated December 17th, 2023 at 21:26 IST

Pulwama Operation: Major terror attack averted, heavily armed JeM terrorist arrested

“The arrest of hybrid terrorists like Rohail strikes at the heart of the handlers disrupting peace in Kashmir," a security official told Republic.

JeM terrorist apprehended | Image:Republic

Srinagar: In a significant breakthrough, Jammu and Kashmir Police in collaboration with other security forces, have successfully apprehended a JeM-affiliated hybrid terrorist in Naina Batapora, Pulwama district on Sunday.

The apprehended individual, identified as Rohail Abdullah, son of Mohammed Abdullah Thoker, hailing from Nully Poshwari Shopian, had been missing from his home since December 8, this year.


During the operation, a substantial cache of weaponry was seized from Abdullah's possession, including one AK-56 Rifle, two AK-56 Magazines, sixty rounds of AK ammunition, 5 Chinese grenades, one Glock Pistol, one Pistol magazine and twenty-six rounds of live Pistol ammunition, as confirmed by a police official.

Meanwhile, the recovery is believed to have thwarted potential acts of violence, safeguarding the lives of innocent civilians in the region.


“Rohail's involvement with JeM is shocking. We grew up together and we used to discuss our dreams and aspirations together. It's hard to believe Rohail chose a different path. JeM's twisted ideology and false promises overwhelmed him (Rohail),” said a childhood friend of Rohail while wishing anonymity.

The affiliation of Rohail with JeM, a banned terrorist organization, adds a critical dimension to the incident, according to the police officer leading the investigation.


“JeM, known for its extremist ideology and acts of violence, poses a significant security concern as efforts are underway to dismantle terrorist networks and maintain peace in the Kashmir valley,” said a police officer leading the investigation.

JKP is currently engaged in further investigations to unravel the full extent of Abdullah's activities and connections. Meticulous inquiry is a crucial step towards dismantling the broader terrorist network operating for which joint forces are working hard.


Security experts reveal that Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) employs sophisticated online and offline propaganda to disseminate extremist ideologies, justifying violence.

“Social media and clandestine networks target impressionable minds, glorifying radical actions with a skewed version of religious and political beliefs,” said a security expert.


He added, countering JeM's radicalization requires addressing socio-economic disparities, reinforcing counter-terrorism measures and promoting education and awareness among communities.

“The arrest of hybrid terrorists like Rohail strikes at the heart of the handlers disrupting peace in Kashmir. Kashmir with a history of bloodshed, it’s time for peace and anyone disturbing it should face consequences,” he added.


Published December 17th, 2023 at 21:26 IST