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Pune Porsche Case Cover-up: Bar Owned by Rich Brat's Grandfather Sealed, License Revoked

Pune rich brat's grandfather's Mahabaleshwar bar has come under scrutiny for purportedly breaching regulations.

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Pune Porsche Crash Case | Image:Republic

Pune: In a significant development in the Pune Porsche cover-up case, authorities have now sealed a bar owned by the 17-year-old teen's grandfather SK Agarwal. The bar, situated in the scenic town of Mahabaleshwar, has come under scrutiny for purportedly breaching regulations.

Allegations of flouting rules prompted authorities to take action against the establishment. The license for Agarwal's bar has been revoked in light of the accusations, which include claims of building the bar on government-owned land.


Key Developments in the Porsche Crash Case

  1. State Government Forms Committee: The Maharashtra government has established a three-member committee to investigate the case. Dr. Vinayak Kale, Dean of Sassoon General Hospital, has been instructed to assist the committee during their visit to Pune on May 28.
  2. Arrests for Blood Sample Tampering: The Pune Crime Branch arrested Dr. Ajay Tawade, head of the Forensic Medicine department at Sassoon Hospital; Dr. Shrihari Halnor, the chief medical officer at the hospital; and Atul Ghatkamble, a staff member, for allegedly tampering with the blood sample of the accused minor.
  3. Rs 3 Lakh Bribe Recovered: On May 27, the Pune Crime Branch recovered Rs 3 lakh, which was allegedly used to bribe doctors to alter the blood sample of the minor accused.
  4. Maharashtra Medical Council Takes Action: The Maharashtra Medical Council, a quasi-judicial body, has issued notices to the doctors accused of tampering with the blood samples.
  5. Blood Sample Tampering Exposed: Despite CCTV footage showing the minor consuming alcohol before the accident, the initial Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report indicated no alcohol in his blood sample, suggesting possible tampering. Another sample sent to Aundh Government Hospital matched his father's DNA, while the Sassoon Hospital sample did not.
  6. Accused's Father Arrested: Vishal Agarwal, the father of the 17-year-old accused, was arrested by the Crime Branch in connection with an abduction case.
  7. Father Implicated in Blood Sample Probe: During a court hearing, the prosecution claimed that Vishal Agarwal instructed the doctors to alter the blood samples. An investigation is ongoing to determine his role in the tampering case.
  8. Father Sent to Police Custody: Vishal Agarwal has been remanded to police custody in Yerwada Central Jail in relation to the kidnapping case. This brings the total number of arrests to 10, including the accused's grandfather, three medical staff, and five pub owners and staff members.
  9. Juvenile Accused Held in Observation Home: Amid national outrage, the Juvenile Justice Board has sent the minor accused to an observation home until June 5. Additional charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code have been added against him.
  10. Porsche Car Passes Technical Test: On May 27, a team from Porsche inspected the car involved in the crash at Yerwada Police Station and found no technical failures.

What is the Pune Porsche Crash Case?

On May 18, the 17-year-old rich brat had gone partying, driving a ₹2.5-crore Porsche Taycan with friends to celebrate his Class 12 results. After consuming alcohol at two pubs (Cosie and Blak) and racking up a bill of ₹48,000, the drunk teen and two companions crashed the Porsche into a scooter in Kalyani Nagar during the early hours of May 19, at speeds exceeding 150 kmph. 


The collision resulted in the deaths of two 24-year-old IT professionals. Aneesh Awadhiya, the rider of the scooter, was sent airborne and collided with a parked car, while Ashwini Koshta, the pillion rider, was flung 20 feet into the air. Within 15 hours, the super-rich brat was granted bail, with one of the conditions being to pen a 300-word essay. However, amidst widespread public outcry, he was later remanded to a juvenile remand home until June 5.


Published May 31st, 2024 at 10:45 IST