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Pune Porsche Crash: 'No Bad Company', Republic Accesses 7 Shocking Conditions Of The Bail Order

Porsche Crash: The bail order stipulates that thPune teen has been released based on his grandfather's assurance that he is not involved with any bad company.

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Pune Porsche Crash: CCTV shows teen drinking alcohol in pub | Image:X

Pune Porsche Crash: Amid the nationwide outrage over the Pune Porsche crash, Republic World has accessed the bail order for the accused teen driver, which revealed seven startling conditions that led to the release of the 17-year-old whose reckless driving left 2 techies Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta dead. The bail order stipulates that the teen has been released based on his grandfather's assurance that the 17-year-old is not involved with any bad company. Let's take a look at the 7 bizarre conditions on the basis of which the killer teen has been set free. 

Pune Porsche Crash: 7 Shocking Conditions Of The Bail Order 

  • His name is falsely implicated in the present act. If the CCL (Child-in-Conflict with the law) is released on bail he wil neither tamper the evidence of prosecution, nor try to abscond from the jurisdiction of the court. He is ready to furnish solvent surety on his behalf. He is ready to abide by the conditions imposed on him.
  • Perused FIR and discussion with CCL and his grandfather: His grandfather has given assurance that he will keep the child away from any bad company. He will concentrate on his study or any vocational course which is useful for his career.  
  • The parents of CCL is directed to keep the CCL present before the Board as and when his presence required. 
  • The parents of CCL is directed to keep away from joining any bad company.
  • CCL will visit RTO office and study all the rules and regulations and prepare a presentation and submit same to the Juvenile Justice Board within 15 days.
  • CCL will write essay of 300 words on topic in effect of road accident and their solution. 
  • CCL will assist RTO officer and practice and study traffic rules for 15 days. 
  • Consult CCL to psychology and psychiatrist doctor of sasson hospital, pune and submit reports to Juvenile Justice Board, Pune within 15 days. 


Meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis have instructed for stringent action in the case of the car crash allegedly involving the 17-year-old, the Pune police chief said. Earlier in the day, the police had detained the boy's father, who is a real estate developer, and arrested three executives of two hotels for serving liquor to the juvenile.


Victims' Families Inconsolable, Demands Justice

While speaking exclusively to Republic, Aneesh's uncle urged that the accused must be tried as an adult. He alleged that there have been attempts to cover up the case as the accused is a VVIP. "There's a clear attempt to cover up the case as the father of the accused is Pune's top builder. Action taken so far in the case is just a farce and FIR an eyewash. Why the accused was let off in just 15 hours of arrest?" said the deceased's uncle.


Echoing similar remarks, Ashwini's brother Sampreet Koshta demanded action against the accused. "She turned 24 in January. She was in Pune for the last 6 years. We received a call from her friend regarding this accident, action should be taken as per law," he said.


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