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Republic Impact: 2 Doctors Nabbed For Manipulating Rich Brat's Blood Report in Porsche Crash Case

Pune police arrested two doctors of Sassoon General Hospital for manipulating the blood test report of the juvenile involved in the Porsche crash.

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Republic Impact: 2 Doctors Nabbed For Manipulating Rich Brat's Blood Report in Porsche Crash Case | Image:Republic

Pune: In the latest developments in the fatal Porsche crash in Pune, two doctors of Sassoon General Hospital have been arrested on the charge of manipulating the blood test report of the 17-year-old boy who ran over two techies, the Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar said.

According to the Republic's sources, the two medical professionals, Dr Ajay Taware and Dr Srihari Harsul, Head of the Forensic Department, were arrested under sections 120B (Criminal Conspiracy) 467, 214 and 201 (Causing disappearance of evidence of offence or giving false information to screen offender) under the primary section of 304 of the Indian Penal Code. 


As per reports, the doctors had allegedly manipulated the blood report to prove that 'no alcohol' was consumed by the rich brat. After the DNA didn't match the blood samples collected, the doctors were booked. 

‘Teen’s Blood Sample Thrown in Dustbin, Replaced With Another Person's': Kumar

The Police Commissioner in a press conference held on Monday, May 27 confirmed that the blood report of the juvenile was replaced with another person's. The senior official also mentioned that the rich brat's blood report was discarded in the dustbin. It was confirmed that the HOD of the department took money to replace the blood samples.

"On 19th May, at around 11 am the blood sample which was taken at Sassoon Hospital was thrown in a dustbin of the hospital and the blood sample of another person was taken and sent to the forensic lab...CMO Srihari Halnor replaced this blood sample. During the investigation, we found Srihari Halnor replaced this on the instructions of the HOD Forensic Medicine Department of Sassoon, Ajay Tawre," said Pune CP Amitesh Kumar.


"Today both the accused will be produced before the court for police custody. The DVR of the CCTV of Sassoon Hospital has been seized. Doctors are arrested on the charges of forgery, and destruction of evidence. Sections 120 B, 467 and 201 of IPC have been registered against this these doctors. The father of the minor accused was in direct contact with doctor Ajay Tawre. Crime Branch is looking out for the person with whom the blood sample was replaced. Crime Branch is in the process of taking custody of the juvenile accused's father in the driver abduction case today who is in judicial custody currently," the official added.

He added that another sample of the #SuperRichBrat was sent to an Aundh government hospital where it matched his father's DNA but the Sasoon Hospital DNA didn't match.

While speaking to the media, Kumar said that as of now three offences have been registered. One in 304 against the doctors , one against the teen's father and bar owners and a kidnapping offence filed against the rich brat's grandfather who allegedly has links with the underworld.


Republic Questions The Time Gap Between The 2 Blood Samples

Earlier, the Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar in an exclusive conversation with Republic's Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami admitted that the blood samples of the Porsche driver were collected twice within a gap of three to four hours.

When Arnab pressed about the necessity of two blood samples and the potential for manipulation, Commissioner Kumar admitted that two blood samples were taken. "Yes, 2 blood samples were collected as a matter of precaution," he admitted.


“The first sample was collected at one hospital and the other at the second hospital. There was a gap of around 3-4 hours,” Just in case one blood report gets tampered with, we have the other one with us for reference," he added.

Arnab questioned, "Can you clarify why a long rope was given to this boy? Were there two blood samples taken, and was there any manipulation involved?" To which Kumar responded, "There is no truth in the fact that a long rope was given.”


Commissioner Kumar further clarified the legal stance of the case, highlighting the severity of the offence. "We are not making a case of 304A IPC, which is a bailable offence," he declared. “Instead, we are pursuing charges under 302 IPC due to the reckless and negligent actions of the intoxicated teenager.”

'If You Open Your Mouth...': Driver Reveals He Was Threatened to Take Blame

This comes last week as the driver of Pune builder Vishal Agarwal came out and revealed that he was forcibly taken to the Agarwals' residence and was hidden there. According to his statement given to the Pune police, the driver said that the teen's grandfather and father forced him to confess to the police that the rich brat was innocent and he was in the driver's seat when the accident took place.

As per Republic's sources, on May 20, the driver was picked up in a BMW car by the Pune builder and his father from the Yerawada Jail and was subsequently taken to their residence.


"SK Agarwal and his son forcibly kept me hidden at their bungalow. If you open your mouth, you will remember the consequences," he said.

Following this, the father-son duo were slapped with charges of "wrongfully confining a person," under Sections 342, 365 and 368 of the IPC. 


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