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‘Had Notice Bad Tendencies...': Maharashtra MLA's Wife Recounts How Pune Teen Driver Bullied Her Son

Wife of former Maharashtra minister Prajakt Tanpure tweeted about her son being classmates with the teen driver involved in the Pune Porsche crash.

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Pune Porsche crash | Image:Republic Digital

Pune: Amid the outcry over a quick bail to the Pune teenager accused of mowing down two software engineers with his Porsche, Nationalist Congress Party (SP) MLA and former minister Prajakt P. Tanpure's wife has now accused him of being a bully in school. Taking to social media, Sonali P. Tanpure recounted “those days again” when their son was studying in school as a classmate of the same drunken 17-year-old boy and had to suffer a lot at the hands of some of his classmates.

Tanpure tweeted, "After the car accident in Kalyaninagar, I remembered those things once again...The boy in the related incident was studying in the same class as my son. At that time, my son suffered a lot at the hands of some of his (the builder's son) friends. I had even complained about these children to their parents, but didn't get a proper response".


Alleging that she did not get proper response to her complaints, her son had to change schools, adding that he was still affected by the incidents.

"The scars of those traumatic incidents are still there on his (son's) mind. If the parents had noticed the bad tendencies of their child in time, then such a terrible crime would not have happened," said Sonali Tanpure, on the Porsche crash that has created an uproar across the country.

Her husband and Rahuri MLA Tanpure said the incident by a rich man's wayward kid has cut short the lives of the two young victims who hailed from a small town with big dreams to make success in life.


MLA Tanpure also pointed out how, not only the boy and his rich family, but the entire system, including the liberal home department, government and police are equally responsible for the tragedy.

"The authorities are committing the sin of destabilising the social order by supporting the influential big people. It's only because of the alert people present there and the pressure built by the citizens and the media that is leading to some effective action now," said Prajakt Tanpure.


Meanwhile, Sonali Tanpure sought justice for the families of the two well-educated victims, Ashwini Koshta and Aneesh Awadhiya, who were killed on the spot after being hit by the Porsche speeding at a dizzying 200 kmph speed which was barely captured as a fleeting shadow in the CCTVs installed at Kalyani Nagar junction.

After massive outrage about the quick bail to the 17-year-old boy, he has been shifted to an observation home following an order of the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB). Before the fatal car crash, the teenager had visited one bar and then proceeded to another on the night between Saturday and Sunday, where he consumed alcohol.


The Maharashtra Transport Department has also barred the 17-year-old boy from getting a driving licence till he turns 25.


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