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Rajkot Gaming Zone Fire: TRP Zone Co-Owner Among 28 Killed, DNA Test Confirms

Rajkot TRP gaming zone fire incident: One of the owners, Prakash Hiran, was also charred to death in the devastating fire that claimed lives of 35 people

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Rajkot gaming zone co-owner Prakash Hiran killed in the fire tragedy | Image:X

Rajkot: In the tragic Rajkot TRP gaming zone fire incident, one of the owners, who was missing after the massive fire broke out at the site, was also charred to death in the devastating fire that claimed lives of at least 28 people, including children. The death of the owner, identified as Prakash Hiran, was confirmed through DNA profiling. Samples taken from the remains found at the scene were matched with the DNA of Prakash's mother, confirming his death.

A resident of Rajasthan, he was staying in Rajkot for the past five years and owned 60 per cent stake in TRP gaming zone.


As many as 28 people, including children, were killed in the massive fire at the recreation centre on May 25. Since the bodies were charred beyond recognition, the victims are being identified through DNA profiling.

CCTV footage captured Prakash at the scene

Following the incident the Gujarat police had filed an FIR and initiated a probe into the matter. Prakash Hiran was among the six individuals against whom the police filed the case.

Prakash Hiran was the principal shareholder in the highly profitable TRP Game Zone. CCTV footage from the time of the fire captured Prakash at the scene, further supporting the evidence of his presence during the tragic event.


The incident came to light when Prakash's brother, Jitendra Hiran, filed a petition with the police. He reported that after the fire, there had been no contact with Prakash, all phone numbers were switched off, and Prakash's car was found at the site of the fire.

Following Jitendra's appeal, DNA samples were collected from the family to assist in the identification process. The DNA analysis confirmed that Prakash was indeed among the victims whose remains were found in the aftermath of the fire.


The Gujarat police have also arrested another partner of the Rajkot-based TRP game zone, identified as Dhaval Thakkar. According to the police, Thakkar is the proprietor of Dhaval Corporation, which operated the TRP game zone along with five partners of Raceway Enterprises, was apprehended from Abu Road in neighboring Rajasthan.

The police also arrested Yuvrajsinh Solanki and Rahul Rathod, partners in the Raceway Enterprises, and game zone manager Nitin Jain in the case.


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