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Republic Summit 2024: PM Modi Shares His Vision For the Next Decade in India's Development

At the Republic Summit 2024, PM Modi expressed confidence that the next 10 years belonged to India, adding that he has a roadmap for the next 25 years in mind.

Reported by: Shweta Parande
PM Modi Shares His Vision For the Next Decade at Republic Summit 2024 | Image:Republic

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Republic Summit 2024 today, where he spoke about India’s development in the last decade. The PM expressed supreme confidence in India becoming the world’s largest economy in the next 10 years.

‘Next 10 years belong to India’: PM Modi

“The next 10 years belong to India. Today the entire world is stating that this decade belongs to India. We will see India become the world’s biggest economy in this decade. This decade is crucial for achieving the ambitious dream of Viksit Bharat,” the PM said.

“Each second is important to me, and I have the roadmap for the next 25 years in mind,” added PM Modi.


“Earlier, people in our country used to vaguely ponder over economic growth. But today, the same people are curious to know the timeframe for achieving the milestone of being the third largest economy," said PM Modi.

PM Modi said that 10 years ago, people thought about unemployment - “Naukri nahin milegi toh kya hoga?”. “But now, people ask each other, ‘Tera start-up kaisa chal raha hai?’ (How is your start-up coming along?) The prime minister said that the Make in India initiative and pro-farmer policies along with providing a boost to startups has been at the forefront of his government. 


PM Modi said that earlier, the citizens used to discuss the latest scam in the country, but now, people are more interested in knowing what action was taken against those involved in the scam. 

 “The present decade belongs to India and is an apt occasion to fulfill the dream of Viksit Bharat… This decade is a time to fulfill dreams of India, to be fulfilled by the zest that thrives India," said PM Modi. 


“Bharat, a self-reliant republic, will be the beacon of trust,” expressed PM Modi.

PM Modi posted about his speech at the Republic Summit 2024. “This decade is about fulfilling those aspirations which once seemed impossible,” PM said.


Modi Ki Guarantee for India's next 10 years

“Before we step into the next decade, every Indian will have a rooftop and all possible amenities,” promised PM Modi. “Bharat will get its first bullet train in this decade," said PM Modi. “This decade, India will see world-class expressways, high-speed trains, and technologically advanced waterways’ network.”

“The coming decade will be one led by high-speed development and mobility. The pace and widespread development being witnessed by India has helped the country prove that good economics can go hand-in-hand with good politics," added PM Modi. 


75-Day Report Card of Modi Government

“If I give you our 75-day report card, it will astonish you,” declared PM Modi. "Work is happening at great speed in the country. I have initiated and kickstarted projects worth Rs 9 lakh crore in the last 75 days. This is more than 110 billion dollars," said PM Modi, talking about his state-wise poll campaign ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.


The PM added that multiple IIMs, IITs, NITs and other educational institutes have been established in the country in the last 75 days. Over Rs 1,800 crore worth investments have been initiated in the space tech sector in the country, he said.

The PM also revealed about the various new thermal and solar power plants as well as green and wind energy projects in the country in the last 75 days.


PM Modi also posted a video on X about the work done in the last 75 days, with the caption, “The last 75 days have been dedicated to a renewed focus on the unprecedented development of India.”

Various road, rail and other infrastructure projects have been inaugurated in the same period, he said.

The BJP state governments have also worked towards the development of the nation, said the PM.


“In Budget 2024, a big solar power project was announced. The project was launched in less than four weeks,” revealed PM Modi.

PM Modi added that during his visit to Kashmir today, he was thrilled to see the vast development in the Valley after the abrogation of Article 370.


The Prime Minister and his government have a development-focussed approach for the next 10 years. PM Modi said that the earlier government had a slogan-based approach to winning elections and was not keen on development.

The PM said a special welfare board has been created for the marginalised sections of the society. Modi said efforts were being made to work for convenience of the specially abled persons.


“People are saying with confidence, ‘Ek Baar…Modi Sarkar. Phir Ek Baar…Modi Sarkar),” PM Modi expressed.


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