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REVEALED: Synthetic Sweetener in Cake Had Claimed 10-Year-Old Girl's Life In Patiala

A 10-year-old girl had died as she consumed her birthday cake ordered online from a bakery in Patiala.

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REVEALED: Synthetic Sweetener in Cake Had Claimed Patiala Girl's Life | Image:x

New Delhi: Nearly a month after a 10-year-old girl died as she consumed her birthday cake ordered online from a bakery in Patiala, officials revealed that the cake responsible for the tragic demise of the minor was found to contain a dangerously high level of artificial sweetener. The incident occurred on March 24 when the girl's family consumed the chocolate cake, ordered online from 'Cake Kanha' in Patiala, to celebrate her birthday.

Speaking to a leading news website, Dr Vijay Jindal, the District Health Officer, informed that upon testing a sample of the cake, it was found to contain a significant amount of saccharine, a synthetic sweet-tasting compound. While saccharine is commonly used in small quantities in food and beverages, increased levels of it can lead to a rapid increase in blood glucose levels.


Officials have said they will take action against the bakery. Besides, an FIR has also been lodged against the bakery's owner.

About The Case

A birthday celebration turned tragic in Patiala, Punjab, when a 10-year-old girl named Manvi died after eating a birthday cake. As per the latest reports, three people have been arrested, including the manager and two employees of the bakery from where the cake was ordered.

The cake, ordered online for the celebration on March 24, led to severe food poisoning among the family members who consumed it. Despite receiving first aid, the health of the family deteriorated and the 10-year-old girl Manvi was declared dead by doctors.


Zomato Delists The Bakery

Following the incident, Zomato announced the removal of the restaurant and barred the owner from operating any future entities on its platform.   


“We are heartbroken and deeply shaken up by the recent tragic incident that happened in Patiala. As soon as we learnt about the incident, which is now under police investigation, we immediately delisted the restaurant from the Zomato platform. We have also debarred the restaurant owner from operating any entity on Zomato. We are extending our complete support to the law enforcement agencies in the matter", a Zomato spokesperson told a leading portal. 


Published April 22nd, 2024 at 18:53 IST