Updated December 29th, 2023 at 20:51 IST

Rising GSDP and tourist footfall: DGP explains how Assam tackled insurgency & changed the game

Assam DGP said that the peace agreement with insurgent group ULFA is an indication that "things are going in the right direction."

Reported by: Digital Desk

Assam DGP, Mr. GP Singh said that the historic tripartite peace agreement between the Centre, government of Assam and the ULFA is an indication that "things are going in the right direction." 

The agreement was signed between the governments and the insurgent group - the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) on December 29 in New Delhi in the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma.


Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, DGP Singh reflected on the changes brought about in Assam and explained the implications of the peace accord. He said that the insurgency in Assam's borders and hilly areas "is completely over" and said that those still wielding weapons are welcome for talks.

How Assam curbed insurgency and changes it brought

According to DGP Singh, the state's GDSP (Gross State Domestic Product) in consistently improving and the tourist footfall is also increasing.

"The state GSDP which was Rs 3 lakh 46 thousand crore in 2020 is projected to be 6 lakh 24 thousand crore in 2024-25. The tourists influent in Assam were over 1 crore in 2022-23. The losses incurred by oil companies have come down tremendously," he told Republic.


The DGP also said that it is the first time in over three decades when no civilian has been killed in violence. "After almost 33 years, it is the first year where there is no loss of civil life in any terrorist activity. Similar no security personnel lost their life this year," he said.

Further explaining the advantages of the peace deal, DGP Singh said that it will help the Police to focus on core policing tasks such as investigation, prosecution of crime and action against drugs.


"This year we have recovered almost worth Rs 1500 to Rs 1600 crore. We recovered 150 kg plus heroin in 2023. We brought down Rhino poaching to zero. Conviction rate plummeted to 5.4% in 2018, and in November 2023, it was 16.4% which is an uptick of almost 300%. These are indictors which has direct bearing on the people of Assam," he further revealed.

When asked about Paresh Barua, one of the ULFA founders missing from the peace deal meeting, the DGP said that the government still welcomes him for negotiations. "I would say that government of Assam led by honourable CM Himanta Biswa Sarma is not willing to leave anybody behind," he said. 


Published December 29th, 2023 at 20:51 IST