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Rolls Royce, Ferrari Among High-End Cars Recovered During IT Raids at Kanpur Tobacco Baron's Mansion

The collective value of all the vehicles seized is estimated to be around Rs 60 crores, with the Rolls Royce Phantom alone valued at Rs 16 crores.

Reported by: Digital Desk
Stash of Luxury Cars, Cash Recovered During IT Raids at Tobacco Manufacturer Premises | Image:Republic Digital

New Delhi: Unaccounted cash of more than Rs 4 crore and a staggering collection of 15-20 luxury cars have been recovered in Delhi's Vasant Vihar after the Income Tax Department conducted raids at different locations linked to KK Mishra, the owner of Bansidhar Tobacco.  The collective value of all the vehicles seized is estimated to be around Rs 60 crores, with the Rolls Royce Phantom alone valued at Rs 16 crores. 

Moreover, luxurious cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari have also been recovered during the raid. Sources close to the investigation have hinted at the possibility of hidden cash and gold concealed within the vehicles, further intensifying the scrutiny.  


For the unversed, tax authorities initiated a thorough raid yesterday at 3 different locations of Banshidhar Tobacco owner KK Mishra
 out of which two are in Delhi (one at Vasant Vihar B7 and one at Rajendra Nagar 595 ground floor). This IT raids spans across five states, including Uttar Pradesh.

Acting on information, regarding significant tax evasion, the department swiftly mobilized its teams to conduct thorough searches at identified sites. In addition to uncovering potential income tax violations, evidence of GST evasion has also surfaced during the raids.


Bansidhar Export and Bansidhar Tobacco, situated in Nayaganj, have been found to have extended their business operations to foreign territories, adding a layer of complexity to the investigation.

The raids are simultaneously taking place at 20 different locations, including prominent cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Gujarat amid heavy police security. Over 100 officials from 15 to 20 specialized teams of the Income Tax Department are spearheading this large-scale operation.


The tobacco company with turnovers in the billions was only showing a business of a mere 20 to 25 crores on paper. According to reports, after the investigation concludes, a significant disclosure could be made. The owner of the company, a resident of Aryanagar, has now shifted his business from Kanpur to Delhi and started residing there. The company's factory is located in Ahmedabad. The Income Tax Department has been monitoring the company's accounts and returns for the past several months.

On Thursday, the Income Tax team conducted raids at the company owner's residence in Delhi, the factory located in Ahmedabad, and the office situated in Nayaganj. 


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