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Sandeshkhali Latest Updates | Republic Reporter Taken to Bhabani Bhawan in Alipore

Republic reporter Santu Pan has been taken to the Bhabani Bhawan in Alipore in an unexplained late night movement.

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Republic reporter Santu Pan has been taken to the Bhabani Bhawan in Alipore in an unexplained late night movement. | Image:Republic Digital

North 24 Parganas: Amid the ongoing unrest in West Bengal's Sandeshkhali, the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) team will be visiting the violence-hit area on Thursday. The team is expected to reach tomorrow morning. This comes as Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa took a swipe at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party Trinamool Congress, saying that Sandeskhali will be a ‘downfall' for both. "The condition of Bengal is very bad, the journalist there who are trying to show the reality are also being arrested. The incident that happened in Sandeshkhali, one cannot even imagine about it." He added that Trinamool may try all it wants but people won't remain silent.

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Republic reporter Santu Pan has been taken to the Bhabani Bhawan in Alipore, according to Republic Bangla TV.

Security Heightened in Violence-Hit Sandeshkhali

  • According to Republic Bangla TV, security has been increased in the violence-torn region of Sandeshkhali in West Bengal as additional forces are being sent from the Bidhannagar and Barrackpore areas. 
  • The Bengal government's move of heightened security comes amid reports that tensions are set to flare up in Sandeshkhali tonight.
  • Security has also been increased outside the Malancha Guest House. 
  • Sandeshkhali Police Station has been cordoned as a secret meeting between the DG, ADG (South Bengal) and the ASP is believed to be underway. Superintendent of Police of Basirhat is also present at the meeting.

Leaders' React to Mamata-Led Administration's Covert Move

  • Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar says, "I would appeal to all the media channels to condemn this action against the reporter". A legal action should be taken against the police station, he says further.
  • Expressing shock over the Mamata Banerjee-led administration's late night op, BJP leader Nalin Kohli says it’s shocking that “a journalist is being treated like a terrorist”. Calling the move "extremely unfortunate and illegal", Kohli adds that Santu Pan's lawyer should have been informed.
  • If anything happens to Santu Pan, Mamata Banerjee alone would be responsible, BJP's Amit Malviya says in a post on 'X'. "In a midnight operation, Republic Bangla journalist Santu Pan is moved from Sandeskhali police station to an undisclosed location. The men escorting him have covered faces and their uniforms have no insignia", his post reads.

'Very Scared For My Husband's Life and Well-Being': Santu Pan's Wife Writes Letter to DGP, PS Sandeshkhali

In a letter addressed to DGP, PS Sandeshkhali, arrested Republic Bangla reporter Santu Pal's wife has stated, “I have just seen very concerning late night footage on the live television in which my husband is being shoved into the ferry and taken away on the boat to an undisclosed location. I have seen that the police who are captured on camera have not disclosed any information on where Santu Pan is being taken”. 


“It is already captured on TV that my husband has said that he is being tortured in custody. Given the late night movement of my husband to an undisclosed location without any information provided to me, my family or the legal team, I am very worried about his safety and fear for his life.” - Santu Pal's Wife

Urging necessary steps to ensure her husband's "absolute safety", Santu's wife, further in the letter, states, "In the garb of custody, it is extremely suspicious and concerning that my husband is being moved late in the night, right before a hearing in the Honourable High Court, without any knowledge of his legal team or family."


Republic Reporter Shifted to Undisclosed Location in Late Night Operation

  • Republic Bangla reporter Santu Pan has been taken to an undisclosed location in an unexplained late night movement. 
  • In an alarming development, Republic has learnt that there's no signage, whatsoever, of the West Bengal Police on the vehicle in which Pan is believed to have been taken. 
  • Republic TV footage shows Republic Bangla reporter Santu Pan being taken away in a seemingly private vehicle in stealth of the night.

Team of National Commission for Scheduled Tribes to Visit Sandeshkhali 

The team of National Commission for ST are Scheduled to depart from PWD State Guest House, Hungerford Street at 8 AM on Thursday. 


Sukanta Majumdar Extends Support to Santu's Family

BJP leader Sukanta Majumdar on Wednesday visited the family of Republic TV reporter Santu Pan and extended his support to the family. During the meeting, a disheartened crying mother of Santu said, “My son did not do anything. He was arrested without any reason.”


Meanwhile, Sukanta assured Santu’s mother saying that he will be released soon. Talking to the family, the BJP leader said, “I assure you that Santu will be released soon. Please don't cry. He will come back and report fearlessly again. All the three ministers out here assure you and Santu’s dad that he will come back and fight back.” 

BJP Women Workers Stage Massive Protest Outside TMC Leader Kunal Ghosh's Residence

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders and workers on Wednesday staged a massive protest outside of Trinamool Congress leader Kunal Ghosh’s residence. Protestors alleged that the incidents of sexual harassment to the women in Sandeshkhali was an insult to the entire women.

The BJP women workers stirred a massive protest outside the TMC leader and raised slogans against the Mamata Banerjee government of West Bengal.


Irked over Kunal Ghosh’s remark on Sandeshkhali, the agitators alleged that Ghosh insulted not only Sandeshkhali victims but the entire women community.

Allegedly TMC's Kunal Ghosh asked the victims to provide proof for the allegations of mass rape incidents that jolted the West Bengal. 


Meanwhile, more Sandeshkhali stories emerged amid the surge in the protest against the alleged sexual harassment against the women by Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Shajahan Sheikh and his associates. 

Journalist Santu Pan Appeals To Calcutta HC, Mahesh Jethmalani to Represent Republic Reporter 

Journalist Santu Pan Appealed To Calcutta High Court. Justice Kaushik Chanda has drawn attention by the eminent Supreme Court lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani on behalf of Santu Pan.

West Bengal DGP in Sandeshkhali 

West Bengal DGP Rajeev Kumar visited the restive Sandeshkhali on Wednesday afternoon to assess the situation in the area, which has been marked by protests following allegations of sexual abuse of women by TMC leaders.


NCST Team to visit: 

The tribal commission team is all set to visit the violence-hit area tomorrow morning. This is the team's second visit to Sandeshkhali. Earlier, the team led by panel's Chairman Arun Halder, spoke to the residents and witnesses of the area over alleged atrocities on locals by TMC MPs.


'Such Atrocities on Women': Assam CM Himanta Takes a Swipe at Mamata

While talking about the current situation of Sandeshkhali, Assam CM said, "Such atrocity on women. It was all in the knowledge of the state government. A syndicate was going on there. This has come out before the country. I believe that the law will take its course."


Mamata is Trying to Save Her ‘Political’ Reputation: Ravi Shankar Prasad 

Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday said Bengal CM Mamata is risking the honour of women in the state to save her 'political reputation.'


On INDIA Alliance over Sandeskhali, BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad says, “For votes. Women were raped there, still they (INDIA Alliance leaders) are silent. This is their level regarding women and respect for women.”

"Sandeskhali issue is serious...What is emerging about the blatant assault, humiliating treatment and sexual assault of women is a shame on our society and democracy. Mamata Banerjee is still defending it. Why?...One journalist was also arrested. What does Mamata Banerjee want to hide, and why? To save her political reputation, a woman CM is risking the honour of women. Why Where has her conscience died?” he added.


Rahul Gandhi is Silent: BJP Slams Opposition for Staying Mum  

Furthermore, the senior BJP leader questioned Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on remaining 'silent' on the matter.


"Why are the parties silent? I heard that a woman leader of the CPI(M) visited the area but the CPI(M) has not opposed it (the incident), it has not made a public comment. Rahul Gandhi is silent."

Ravi Shankar prasad Slams Mamata Over Arrest of R Bangla Reporter

Fourth Pillar of Democracy Under Attack Under Mamata's Leadership: Kaushal Kishore

On the Sandeshkhali violence, Union Minister Kaushal Kishore said, "Mamata Banerjee simply wants to divert people’s attention from the Sandeshkhali incident to issues like those who are wearing turban are Khalistanis as per BJP, this sort of statement is utterly false."

He added, "They are not saying anything about the particular incident but the journalists who are covering the matter in the state and showing the reality have been attacked and put behind the bar. This shows how the fourth pillar of democracy has come under attack under her leadership…."


Estranged TMC MPs Welcome Bengal Governor’s Decision on 'Sandeshkhali'

Two Trinamool Congress (TMC) MPs who are currently estranged from the party over accusations of associating with the BJP, have welcomed West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose's decision to open the doors of the Raj Bhavan for the victimised women of trouble-torn Sandeshkhali region who feel unsafe in their homes.


Father of BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari, Contai MP Sisir Adhikari, and his younger son Tamluk MP Dibyendu have praised the governor for realising the situation of the tormented women in the violence-hit region in North 24 Parganas district.

DGP Rajeev Kumar to Visit Violence-Hit Area

West Bengal DGP Rajeev Kumar will be visiting Sandeshkhali on Wednesday afternoon to assess the situation. This will be Kumar's first visit to the area since the protests broke out.

"First let me visit the area and then I will speak to you guys," he told reporters.


Kumar will be accompanied by senior police officers including ADG South Bengal Supratim Sarkar, who will first visit Sandeshkhali police station and later go to the restive area.


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