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Sandeshkhali Updates: Fact-Finding Panel on Human Rights Violations to Arrive in Kolkata Today

Sandeshkhali Updates: The fact-finding committee on Human Rights Violations is expected to arrive at the Kolkata International Airport on 23rd February at around 9:50pm. Stay tuned for live updates

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Sandeshkhali LIVE: The fact-finding committee on Human Rights Violations is expected to arrive at the Kolkata International Airport on 23rd February. Stay tuned for live updates | Image: Sandeshkhali
10: 59 IST, February 22nd 2024

West Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar met with Governor CV Ananda Bose at Raj Bhavan.

10: 19 IST, February 22nd 2024

The fact-finding committee on Human Rights Violations will arrive at Kolkata International Airport on 23rd February (tomorrow) at 9:50pm, Republic has learnt.

10: 17 IST, February 22nd 2024

A team of women leaders will depart for violence-torn region of Sandeshkhali tomorrow from Science City at around 9:30am.

The team will comprise of following leaders:

1. Locket Chatterjee, General Secretary & MP 
2. Agnimitra Paul, General Secretary & MLA 
3. Dr. Madhuchandra Kar, Vice-President
4. Adv. Priyanka Tibrewal, State Secretary
5. Sonali Murmu, State Secretary 
6. Falguni Patra, President, Mahila Morcha 
7. Paromita Dutta, Incharge, Mahila Morcha

A team of women lawyers is also expected to be in attendance.  

10: 15 IST, February 22nd 2024

Sukanta Majumdar, BJP state president, expected to meet with the Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal shortly.

7: 39 IST, February 22nd 2024

Sukanta Majumdar claims that the police officials made him sign a bail bond, stating that he violated Section 144 that is in place in the violence-torn region of Sandeshkhali, news agency ANI reported. “This is the strategy of West Bengal Police.. They are stifling the voice of democracy...They can't arrest Shahjahan”, ANI quoted Majumdar as saying.

6: 53 IST, February 22nd 2024

On board a ferry which is now believed to be in the middle of the river, BJP's Sukanta Majumdar says, "I held a peaceful protest in front of the Sandeshkhali Police Station, but the police dragged me, and I wasn't even allowed to wear my shoes properly". "Even I don’t know if I have been arrested or not", Majumdar added.

6: 47 IST, February 22nd 2024

Republic TV LIVE footage shows Sukanta Majumdar forcefully being whisked away by the West Bengal Police. He has reportedly been dragged by the police to the Ferry Ghat.


6: 41 IST, February 22nd 2024

West Bengal BJP Chief Sukanta Majumdar, who had been staging a sit-in protest outside the police station in Sandeshkhali has claimed that he was heckled by Mamata Banerjee's police officials. 

6: 03 IST, February 22nd 2024

West Bengal BJP president Sukanta Majumdar, who was earlier today, granted permission to visit Sandeshkali, started a sit-in outside the local police station demanding the arrest of absconding TMC leader Shajahan Sheikh, who has been accused of "atrocities" against locals in the violence-torn region of the North 24 Parganas district. "I will continue my sit-in until Shajahan Sheikh is arrested. It has been so many days, but the police have failed to arrest him," he told reporters while raising slogans against the state government. Majumdar said he wanted to meet local police officials but was denied permission, following which he decided to start an indefinite sit-in.

Earlier in the day, police allowed Majumdar to visit Sandeshkhali, which has been rocked by protests over alleged sexual assault on women and land-grabbing, on condition that only his security personnel would be with him and no other BJP leader could accompany him.

5: 22 IST, February 22nd 2024

A woman from the violence-hit region of Sandeshkhali tells news agency ANI, "We have complained many times but nothing happened, Police here are not for the people of Bengal. What is Mamata Banerjee doing? Can't she see what is happening here? Is she blind? She is trying to negotiate with Rs 1,000 and we don't want that. We only want respect and peace. We're not able to send our children to schools."

4: 33 IST, February 22nd 2024

Sukanta Majumdar tells news agency ANI that Section 144 has been imposed in some areas of Sandeshkhali. Stressing that the BJP will maintain decorum in the violence-torn region,  Majumdar reportedly said, "The police has said they will allow me to enter with my security but  without party workers...Therefore,  I'm requesting the police to let us enter with atleast one party worker".

4: 03 IST, February 22nd 2024

Thanking the Kolkata court for granting bail to R Bangla reporter, Sena Leader Krishna Hegde says the court reprimanded Mamata Banerjee's government. “I would like to tell Republic TV that you keep showing the truth, the whole country is with you”, he said.

4: 00 IST, February 22nd 2024

BJP leader Ram Kadam says, “The Mamata Banerjee government in the state made a malafide attempt to arrest the journalist of R Bangla… What was the crime of the journalist? The court decision [of granting bail to Santu Pan] comes as a big slap to the Mamata government”.


3: 49 IST, February 22nd 2024

"I congratulate Arnab Goswami and his team for successfully fighting. Mamata Banerjee, a women herself, has failed to protect the dignity of women of Bengal. Instead she is protecting the accused. It’s shameful a journalist was arrested for showing the truth." said filmmaker Ashok Pandit said on Calcutta High Court granting bail to R Bangla Reporter Ashok Pandit. 

2: 51 IST, February 22nd 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to meet Sandeshkhali victims, sources revealed. He will visit West Bengal on March 6.

2: 53 IST, February 22nd 2024

Mamata backed Shahjahan Sheikh's family has been facing anger by people in Sandeshkhali. As per media reports, villagers set on fire a hut belonging to his brother, Shirajuddin.

2: 31 IST, February 22nd 2024

"While Republic Bangla reporter Santu Pan fought and raised his voice for Sandeshkhali. Mamata Banerjee's Government tried to attack the 4th pillar of democracy. Till now no action has been taken against Shahjahan Sheikh. It is clear they are trying to hide what happened in Sandeshkhali. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee should be ashamed for her actions," said BJP leader Locket Chatterjee.

2: 26 IST, February 22nd 2024

Speaking to Republic on Santu Pan's bail, RP Singh, national spokesperson for BJP said, "Mamata govt trying to suppress and hide the truth. Truth cannot be suppressed. HC has given bail to Republic Bangla journalist. It has exposed Mamata's non-democratic way of functioning. We all support the voice of the truth."

2: 21 IST, February 22nd 2024

"There was no truth in the case from West Bengal police. The reporter needs to be compensated for what he has been through. There was no procedure followed he was just picked up while reporting. What is important is that the reporter is out. The bench asked a very important question that why the FIR must not be quashed. I request to Republic TV don't let the issue die, this happened with Arnab in 2020, this may happen with other reporters in the times to comes as it has become a fashion to throttle reporters," said senior advocate Swapnil Kothari.

2: 07 IST, February 22nd 2024

"Fourth pillar of Democracy set at liberty owing to the gracious intervention of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court. Congratulations Republic News Network and especially congratulations to the brave-heart Santu Pan. Satyameva Jayate," said Bengal BJP MP Suvendu Adhikari.

2: 04 IST, February 22nd 2024

After Calcutta High Court granted bail to Republic reporter Santu Pan, West Bengal BJP Chief Sukanta Majumdar said, "I welcome the verdict. Mamata Banerjee is trying to impose unofficial emergency in West Bengal. Police in West Bengal is working for Trinamool Congress. Strong observations have been made by the High Court and these observations are a tight slap on the face of Mamata Banerjee."

1: 43 IST, February 22nd 2024

The Calcutta High Court has granted bail to Republic reporter Santu Pan on Thursday.

The high court said that there is no clear explanantion on the allegation imposed on the reporter. 

1: 10 IST, February 22nd 2024

The team of NCST met the victims in Sandeshkhali's Natunpara village for an hour, prepared the report and has now moved towards the next village.

11: 56 IST, February 22nd 2024

BJP MP Suvendu Adhikari on social media platform X slammed Mamata Banerjee for lying and trying to mislead people. 

The post read, “I repeat Mamata Banerjee is lying and trying to mislead the people. For her, politics is more important than the welfare of our people. #Sandeshkhali is an example. Notorious Criminal Shahjahan Sheikh is still absconding, while she is busy attending Reality TV Show. Shame on her.”

11: 33 IST, February 22nd 2024

DG Rajeev Kumar has reached Nabnna's state secretariat.

11: 29 IST, February 22nd 2024

Another rape case has been lodged against TMC leader Shibaprasad Hazra, a close aide of Shahjahan Sheikh, following a complaint by a woman in Sandeshkhali, as per media reports. 

10: 36 IST, February 22nd 2024

Schedule Tribes Commission Vice Chairman Ananta Nayek to visit Sandeshkhali today. 

10: 18 IST, February 22nd 2024

Stepping up against Mamata Banerjee's administration, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) released a 20-minute long documentary on Thursday on Sandeshkhali incident over alleged sexual atrocities committed by Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Shahjahan Sheikh and his aides.

Taking to X, the BJP party said, "A  truth that'll shock us. A truth that'll pain us. A truth that'll shake our conscience. The truth of Sandeshkhali, that Mamata Banerjee is trying to hideâ€æ."

10: 10 IST, February 22nd 2024

West Bengal DGP Rajeev Kumar on Thursday said that police will listen to the complaints of every individual in Sandeshkhali district and strict actions will be taken against those found guilty.

"We will listen to the complaints of every individual. If there is any incident we will take strict action against those found guilty. If people are found involved in torturing, we will take appropriate action against them", Kumar told reporters at Dhamakhali this morning.



11: 04 IST, February 22nd 2024

As per Republic's sources, Mamata Banerjee's top cops might stage TMC MP Shahjahan Sheikh's arrest.

10: 57 IST, February 22nd 2024

As unrest continues in Sandeshkhali, security has heightened in violence-hit bregion as additional forces are being sent from the Bidhannagar and Barrackpore areas.

The move comes amid reports that tensions are likely to flare up in Sandeshkhali tonight.


9: 53 IST, February 22nd 2024

After Santu's arrest, his wife wrote a letter to DGP, PS Sandeshkhali which read, “I have just seen very concerning late night footage on the live television in which my husband is being shoved into the ferry and taken away on the boat to an undisclosed location. I have seen that the police who are captured on camera have not disclosed any information on where Santu Pan is being taken."

11: 13 IST, February 22nd 2024

A three-member team of NCST is visiting trouble-torn Sandeshkhali in West Bengal's North 24 Parganas district and will be speaking to locals.

"We will meet the people there and look into their complaints," NCST acting chairperson Ananta Nayak told reporters.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) issued a notice to the state government and police chief regarding ongoing violence and human rights violations in the area.

Recognising the gravity of the situation, the NHRC has additionally decided to "dispatch its team to verify facts through an on-site investigation" into the occurrences of "human rights violations" in Sandeshkhali, situated in the North 24 Parganas district, as per official sources.


9: 28 IST, February 22nd 2024

Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on the Sandeshkhali incident, said, "My reporter was not allowed to take public transport, was made to stand for three to four hours in one place, after which he was physically dragged without being served any notice. Even a murderer is given a chance to prove his innocence."

9: 42 IST, February 22nd 2024

While taken by the police arrested Republic Bangla reporter Santu Pan said, "I don't know where exactly am I being taken. I am being dragged forcefully.” 

He added, “I am being harassed physically and mentally."

10: 22 IST, February 22nd 2024

In an unxplained move, the West Bengal Police on Wednesday night shifted arrested Republic reporter Santu Pan to Bhabani Bhawan in Alipore in a private vehicle. The Bhabani Bhawan houses the CID Headquarters. The R Bangla reporter was arrested on Monday while reporting the Sandeshkhali incident.

The Sandeshkhali region, which predominantly houses tribals has been on boil since the last few days ever since the allegations of sexual harassment of women by Trinamool Congress (TMC) strong man Shahjahan Sheikh and his aides has come to light.


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