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Scolded Lady, Did Not Molest Her: WB Guv CV Ananda Bose to Republic on Allegations of Molestation

In an exclusive talk with Republic, WB Guv Dr CV Ananda Bose said that a top leader of a political party told him of the scale of the conspiracy against him.

Reported by: Shweta Parande
WB Guv CV Ananda Bose to Republic on Allegations of Molestation | Image:Republic

New Delhi: West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose has denied the allegations of molestation against him, made by an employee of Raj Bhavan in Kolkata. In an exclusive conversation with Republic Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Governor Dr CV Ananda Bose said that a top leader of a political party - most likely the Trinamool Congress (TMC) - called him and shared “the scale of the conspiracy” against him by the ruling party in the state.

It must be noted that CV Ananda Bose has been vocal in his indignation of the TMC goons accused if sexual harassment in the Sandeshkhali case. Now facing allegations of molestation by a female colleague - Finance Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya - himself, Ananda Bose has dared her.


What CV Ananda Bose said about the female complainant

"The complainant was manipulated by a political party. A prominent leader of the same party told me that although he is not in favour of maligning my image, some leaders from his party are against me,” claimed Bose, hinting at TMC. He said that he scolded the lady, did not molest her.


"A confidential list of the names of goons, which I sent to the Election Commission, was leaked and the complainant was responsible for this. I called her and confronted her, but she had no answer. I told her if she is doing such crooked activities at such a young age, she will lose the job," said the Governor.

‘Don't care about political rhetoric, truth will prevail’ 

Ananda Bose maintained that he doesn’t care about political rhetoric in this case. “Truth will prevail,” he said. As far as the police go in this case, he said, “My message to the Police is, don't play with me. Play only within the rules of the Constitution.”


The Governor said that he expects more such allegations, and that no one would be able to deter him from his "determined efforts to expose corruption and curb violence".

Clearly hinting at West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee’s hand in the allegations, CV Ananda Bose said to Republic, "My relationship with Mamata Banerjee was based on mutual respect but from now on, I lift it. She does not deserve my respect."


The Governor said that if need be, he will ban Mamata Banerjee and the Bengal Police from Raj Bhavan, his official residence. "Stop these personal attacks on me or I will stop these in my own way,” the Governor said.


 The TMC has demanded an impartial inquiry into the allegation against CV Ananda Bose.

CV Ananda Bose statement post allegations

In a statement released by Raj Bhavan, Governor Ananda Bose said, "Dear members of the Raj Bhavan staff. I welcome all generous allegations and the frequent innuendos passed on me by a political force. I understand there is more in the offing. But one thing is clear. None of the absurd dramas is going to deter me from a determined effort to expose corruption and curb violence. Character assassination is the last resort of a failing malevolence. Those who engineer these filthy narratives have totally moribund character…”

“Now I have information which is very important. Now I have information, my friends, that a more sinister plot has been hatched in the Raj Bhavan. We know the characters responsible for this. Beware,” Bose said.


“I will not be surprised if I am blamed for the Bengal famine in 1943 or the infamous Great Calcutta Killings of 1946. That is the nature of the political forces working in the state. Please take it from me. I did not come to Bengal for rest and relaxation. I did not come to Bengal to walk on level ground,” Bose added. “I know Bengal is an uphill task. I am scaling the mountain. People’s love drives me and motivates me,” he added.

“I am not surprised. I was briefed about what I can expect in Bengal by certain political parties. I have braved many storms. I tell the political party that is plotting against me, this is no storm. This is a storm in a teacup. Do not be surprised if you realize I am the storm. At least now the politico should realize that I would like to be the captain of the storm, not captain of the calm…,” the governor said.


“Bring out all weapons from your armoury, use them against me. I am willing. I am prepared. Sorry, my detractors, I have learned the lesson to fight not flight. Waiting for the next grenade and your hidden bullets. Yes with great expectations. Please fire, I am willing to receive it,” Bose added.

“I am only assuring my brothers are sisters of Bengal…‘Ayi Lorai Ami Lorbo’. I shall continue my fight for the dignity and respect of brothers and sisters of Bengal,” the governor further added.


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