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Seema Haider's Pakistani Husband Accuses Her and Sachin of 'Cheating' in Noida Court: Report

Seema Haider, the Pakistani national, illegally entered India in May 2023 to tie the knot with Sachin.

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Seema Haider's Pak Husband Accuses Her & Sachin of 'Cheating' in Noida Court | Image:PTI

New Delhi: Ghulam Haider, the husband of Seema Haider has filed a complaint in Noida court accusing his wife and her partner Sachin Meena of 'cheating', said reports. For the unversed, Seema Haider, the Pakistani national, illegally entered India in May 2023 to tie the knot with Sachin, an Indian she befriended online.

Ghulam Haider, represented by his Indian lawyer Momin Malik, has taken legal action against Seema and Sachin under Section 156 (3) of the CrPC. As reported by a leading daily, Momin alleged that Seema has not finalised her divorce proceedings with Ghulam Haider, making her marriage to Sachin invalid.


During Thursday's hearing, Momin contended that Seema, in her bail application after being arrested for illegally entering India, had identified Ghulam Haider as her husband, despite publicly asserting her marriage to Sachin.

Earlier this month, Seema Haider had hogged the limelight for lauding the Centre’s move to notify the rules of implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.


Seema who claims to have adopted Hinduism and married Greater Noida resident Sachin Meena, also hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the decision and claimed that the CAA would help her get Indian citizenship.

Seema, who hails from Jacobabad in Pakistan’s Sindh province, in May last year took her children and left her home in Karachi to travel to India via Nepal.


She hit the headlines in July when Indian authorities found her living with Indian national (now her husband) Sachin Meena in Greater Noida.


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