Updated May 1st, 2024 at 14:15 IST

'Sent From Heaven': Man Gets A Lot of Appreciation On Social Media For Saving A Stray Dog | WATCH

Viral Video: People on social media applauded an Instagram user for rescuing a stray puppy that had been left in the dark corner of a housing society.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Man Gets A Lot of Appreciation On Social Media For Saving A Stray Dog | WATCH | Image:Instagram

Viral: Social media users praised an Instagram user for saving a stray puppy that was abandoned in a housing society's shadowy corner. Many have been applauding Shikhar Kundra for saving the puppy after he posted a video of the entire incident, which has gone viral. In his video, Shikhar claimed to have heard a dog crying in a corner while out for a walk, but he was unable to see the animal. Looking around, Shikhar saw the puppy trapped in a shadowy area under a staircase. It couldn't walk out, but for some reason, it had made it there.

"As the climbing height exceeded his height, he found himself locked in this position. I so chose to assist him. He tried for a few minutes before giving up, since he was so exhausted that he was unable to even get up on two legs so that I could pull him up," said Shikhar. However, he lost heart after only one glance into the defenseless eyes of the stray puppy. Entering the house and helping him up was now the only option. He carried out precisely that.


Shikhar saved the dog, which naturally made the dog happy. As the animal ate a substantial meal, he also gave eggs to his newfound friend. On social media, people were moved by the stray dog's rescue effort. "There are good people all throughout the world," a user stated. "Sent from heaven," another user wrote in the comments. The third user said, "Not all heroes wear capes." Many more left heart-shaped emoticons in response to the "wholesome" video, thanking the man for his lovely acts.


Published May 1st, 2024 at 14:15 IST