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Smriti Irani, Amit Malviya React to Brutal Physical Attack on BJP Leader Saraswati Sarkar by TMC

BJP leaders Smriti Irani and Amit Malviya have reacted to the physical attack on WB BJP member Saraswati Sarkar on Saturday night, which left her injured.

Reported by: Shweta Parande
Smriti Irani Reacts to Attack on BJP Leader Saraswati Sarkar by TMC Goons | Image:PTI | Republic

Kolkata: Union Minister Smriti Irani has reacted to the attack on West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Saraswati Sarkar on Saturday night. Sarkar was allegedly attacked by goons from the Trinamool Congress (TMC) party, led by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. A video showing the BJP leader has gone viral, where she is seen bleeding, with a head injury.

TMC members allegedly carried out a physical attack on Saraswati Sarkar when she was reportedly putting up posters on behalf of BJP MP Debasree Chaudhuri. Smriti Irani said on X, “Spoke to Saraswati Sarkar, our brave karyakarta from Kasba Mondal, physically beaten and battered by TMC gundas. If this is the brutality in South Kolkata, I shudder to think of the extremities in Sandeshkhali.”

Smriti Irani posts on X about attack on Saraswati Sarkar

Irani was referring to the Sandeshkhali incidents of sexual harassment, where TMC members Sheikh Shahjahan and others sexually and physically abused the women of the area. This led to the arrest of Shahjahan and his aides after 55 days being on the run, even as the Sandeshkhali uprising continued.

Debasree Chaudhuri in solidarity with Saraswati Sarkar

Debasree Chaudhuri, an ex-minister and Lok Sabha candidate from Kolkata Dakshin, visited the South Kolkata police station to file a complaint and in protest against the attack on the BJP woman leader. Chaudhuri said, “BJP's Kasba Mandal female worker Saraswati Sarkar was attacked by TMC goons last night when she was pasting posters. Our worker's head was broken, this was a fatal attack. No action was taken by the police till 11 pm.”

Chaudhuri posted a series of tweets today, showing the injured Sarkar and other BJP members in solidarity at the police station. “Protest at Anandapur Police Station against brutal attack by @MamataOfficial. TMC G00ns on Kasba Mondal President,” she said in on X. “Officer-in-charge of Anandapur PS is missing, they have to arrest culprits who attacked Saraswati Sarkar,” she added.


“We will not leave Anandapur Police Station TODAY, Till G00ns get arrested who attacked our BJP Mondal President Saraswati Sarkar. @BJP4Bengal,” she added in another tweet. Posting a video from the protest site, Chaudhuri said, “Kolkata police under failed CM @MamataOfficial has just turned into another bunch of TMC cadres. Protest at Anandapur Police Station against brutal attack on BJP Kasba Mondal President of Kolkata Dakshin LokSabha Constituency.”


Amit Malviya reacts to attack on Saraswati Sarkar

BJP leader Amit Malviya first posted on X last night, saying, “No woman is safe in West Bengal. Last night, TMC goons targeted Saraswati Sarkar, BJP’s Kasba Mondal President (in South Kolkata). Mamata Banerjee is a colossal disaster as Home Minister of Bengal. Imagine if Kolkata is not safe, how bad would #Sandeshkhali be. People of Bengal will respond to these atrocities.” He said today that he spoke to Saraswati Sarkar and that she is a strong woman “Spoke to Saraswati Sarkar. She is a strong woman, who refuses to be cowed down by local TMC councillor Sushanta Ghosh, who is exerting undue influence on Anandpur OC, to dilute the case. Kolkata Police has applied bailable charges and hasn’t even arrested the culprits, who attacked Sarkar and other BJP members with a machete. Instead, Mamata Banerjee’s police has filed an FIR against BJP workers for ‘illegal flagging’. How is it that TMC flags are legal and BJP’s illegal? Is Kolkata Police doormat of the TMC?” Malviya said on X.

BJP MP Debasree Chaudhuri protesting outside police station against the attack on Saraswati Sarkar. | Photo: Amit Malviya X

He said this evening, “BJP MP Debasree Chaudhuri along with our karyakartas are camping at Anandapur police station as Kolkata police refuses to file attempt to murder charge against the assailants, who attacked Sarsawati Sarkar and other BJP workers.”

Mamata Banerjee first defended rapist Sheikh Shahjahan and is now standing with murderers. She is a disgrace for South Kolkata, a seat she once represented,” he added on X.


The BJP members are waiting for the Kolkata police to take appropriate action against the perpetrators.


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