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Exclusive/ Something Prevented Hindus From Expressing Their True Feelings: S Gurumurthy to Arnab

Gurumurthy stated it was unfortunate, that a Hindu temple was demolished and a mosque was built in its place.

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S Gurumurthy on Nation Wants to Know | Image:Republic TV

New Delhi: Delving into the emotional challenges within the Hindu community, RSS ideologue Swaminathan Gurumurthy, while speaking exclusively to Arnab Goswami, Republic TV's Editor-in-Chief asserted that something was preventing Hindus from expressing their true feelings. He also admonished pseudo-seculars for converting the Ram Janmabhoomi campaign into a political movement.

"The cultural, religious and just movement of the Hindus to rebuild Ram temple at the place where it was demolished was converted into a political movement. Historic forces kept the memory going of Ram Janmabhoomi, despite that there was an attempt to erase history... Hindu claims were denied and defamed. In 1983, Ram Janmabhoomi was launched and the BJP entered into the movement 6 years later, afterwards all political parties opposed it. Ram Janmabhoomi was the movement of Hindu Sangs",  Gurumurthy, Editor of the Tamil political weekly magazine Thuglak said.


Gurumurthy on Ram Janambhoomi Movement

Elaborating further about the Ram Janambhoomi movement, Gurumurthy stated it was unfortunate, that a Hindu temple was demolished and a mosque was built in its place.

"As a Hindu and as a nationalist, I have the fortune of being associated with the Ram Janambhoomi movement. It started in 1983 but there is a background to it, it is not so that the movement originated based on the Hindu-Muslim relationship in post-independent India. But it happened long back, all this came out in the course of a change in documents between Hindus and Muslims as to how the Ram Janambhoomi movement from the 80th century. The British judge had recorded it in 1886 when a suit was filed to take possession of the Ram Janmbhoomi", Gurumurthy told Arnab. 


Gurumurthy Lambasts Nehru

He also hit out at the late Pandit Nehru and called him a 'fake secular'. He also blamed Nehru for creating division between Hindu and Muslim communities. "Nehru did not want Hinduism in India. Under his leadership, Hindus became political orphans, he himself said that Muslim communalism is aggressive but Hindu communalism is dangerous and that's when the division of Hindu and Muslim started", said the Thuglak Editor.


Full text and video of S Gurumurthy's interview with Arnab Goswami, Republic TV's Editor-in-Chief coming shortly. Stay tuned. 


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