Updated January 18th, 2024 at 16:57 IST

South India Shivers: Ooty and Nilgiris Hills Bite at Near Zero Degrees

Ooty, a popular hill station in the district, recorded a temperature of 2.3 degrees Celsius

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New Delhi: The drop in temperature to zero degrees Celsius is not limited to Delhi-NCR and parts of North India; it has also affected the Sandynalla reservoir area in Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris, disrupting normal life in the region. Ooty, a popular hill station in the district, recorded a temperature of 2.3 degrees Celsius, leading to heavy frost in the morning. The district has been experiencing thick fog and cold weather conditions in recent days.

The Kamaraj Sagar Dam, also known as Sandynalla Reservoir, located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, is a significant tourist attraction just 10 km away from the Ooty bus stand. Situated on the slopes of the Wenlock Downs, it serves as both a popular picnic spot and a preferred location for film shooting.


The intense cold in the upper reaches of Tamil Nadu has disrupted daily life, prompting residents, unaccustomed to such low temperatures, to stay indoors. The Nilgiris district's vast grasslands have transformed into a picturesque wonderland, covered with white frost resembling fresh dew drops, creating a magical ambiance in several areas of Ooty.


V Sivadas of the Nilgiri Environment Social Trust (NEST) attributes this change to global warming and the El-Nino effect. He emphasizes that the onset of cold is delayed, posing a significant challenge to the Nilgiris, and advocates for a study to understand this climatic shift.

According to a news report, the Sandynalla region experienced a minimum temperature of zero degrees Celsius in 2022, marking the first instance in 15 years.


Published January 18th, 2024 at 16:57 IST