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Srinagar DDC Prepares For Leadership Overhaul With Potential Power Shift in Harwan, Khanmoh Blocks

Members of the District Development Council (DDC) Srinagar have submitted a motion of no confidence against the current Chairman of the council, Aftab Malik

Edited by: Shweta Singh
Srinagar DDC Prepares For Power Shift in Harwan, Khanmoh Blocks | Image:Republic

Srinagar:  Amid escalating tensions, Srinagar's District Development Council (DDC) finds itself teetering on the edge of dissolution following the submission of a no-confidence motion against its Chairman before the District Commissioner of Srinagar, on Saturday.

Members of the District Development Council (DDC) Srinagar have submitted a motion of no confidence against the current Chairman of the council, Aftab Malik.


The motion, backed by a formidable two-thirds majority of DDC members, cites Malik’s alleged inability to initiate public projects or convene council meetings, the members assert that his tenure has led to the public's suffering, directly contradicting the council's mandate to bring development and democracy to the grassroots level.

The motion, proposed by DDC members constituting a two-thirds majority, calls for Malik's immediate removal from office.


The move comes in the wake of controversy sparked by a notification from the Rural Development Department, fuelling speculation over the stability of the Srinagar DDC.

While quoting notification no. RDD-Pnch/103/2022(CC: 195545) Dated: 19 February 2024, the motion invokes Rule 108-2Q of the J&K Panchayati Raj Act, 1989, which empowers the removal of chairpersons or vice-chairpersons under specified circumstances.


“We strongly advocate for the immediate acceptance of this no -confidence motion,” reads the letter addressed DDC Srinagar, urging swift action by the established rules.

In response to the motion, the Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar has been requested to convene a special meeting of the DDC members for a vote on the matter, as per the provisions of the Panchayati Raj Act.


This potential motion marks a significant political reshuffle in Jammu and Kashmir, as DDC councils serve as the sole elected bodies in the region.

Anticipating a ripple effect, observers predict similar motions in other districts, signalling potential leadership transitions across Jammu and Kashmir's DDCs.


Furthermore, insider reports hint at a wave of fresh faces to challenge for leadership roles within the Srinagar DDC. These young contenders, already recognized for their impactful work, represent a new generation of leaders ready to bring innovative solutions to the forefront.

“We're expecting young candidates, who have proven their ability through their work as DDC members, to emerge as frontrunners,” noted a source familiar with the matter.


Additionally, speculation abounds regarding candidates from ‘Harwan and Khanmoh blocks’, indicating a potential shift in the council's leadership dynamics.

Meanwhile, the recent government notification, crafted after extensive deliberations, seems to inject fresh energy into local governance and strategically prepare for future political developments. With the impending transition, there is optimism about empowering grassroots leaders and shaping the political landscape in Jammu and Kashmir.


"The recent government notification reflects extensive deliberations, also indirectly offering new individuals a chance to contribute to community welfare and setting the stage for strategic preparations ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls,” said an informed insider.

As the district braces for change, all eyes are on the imminent decision that could reshape the trajectory of the Srinagar DDC and beyond.


Published February 24th, 2024 at 16:14 IST