Updated March 14th, 2024 at 00:22 IST

Supreme Court Chief Justice Felicitates Daughter Of Supreme Court Cook Who Won US Scholarships

Chief Justice Chandrachud and colleagues honoured Pragya, daughter of a Supreme Court cook, for her law scholarship, citing parental support and inspiration.

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Supreme Court Chief Justice Felicitates Daughter Of Supreme Court Cook | Image:ANI

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, along with other justices on Wednesday honoured the achievements of Pragya, the daughter of a cook at the Supreme Court, for securing a scholarship to pursue the Masters in Law from the University of California/University of Michigan in the United States, news agency (PTI) reported, adding that the scholar credited her parents and Justice Chandrachud as her inspiration.

In a heartening display of support, Justice Chandrachud and his colleagues gathered at the judges' lounge on Wednesday morning, where they felicitated Pragya with a standing ovation. “We know Pragya has managed something on her own, but we will ensure she manages to get whatever is required... We expect that she should come back to serve the country”, (PTI) quoted Justice Chandrachud as saying.  


Expressing pride over Pragya’s accomplishment, he further remarked, “Whatever she does, she will achieve in excellence and she will carry the dreams of 1.4 billion people on her shoulders very easily”.

Additionally, Justice Chandrachud presented the 25-year-old scholar with three books on the Indian Constitution, signed by all the justices of the Supreme Court.


Acknowledging the dedication and sacrifices made by Pragya’s parents, the Chief Justice presented shawls as a token of appreciation to them.

Expressing her gratitude, Pragya emphasised the pivotal role her parents played in her journey to success. “I think I am very privileged to be his child. He has helped me since my school days, and he always made sure that I get the opportunities that I should get,” she told PTI


Pragya credited Chief Justice DY Chandrachud as her source of inspiration for pursuing a career in law. "With the live streaming of court hearings, everyone can watch him (Justice Chandrachud) speaking. He encourages young lawyers, and his words are like gems. He is my inspiration,” She reportedly said.



Published March 14th, 2024 at 00:22 IST