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Exclusive/ 'Swati Maliwal Not in a Condition to Speak': Mother's First Reaction After Assaultgate

‘Swati Maliwal is not in a condition to talk’, her mother told Republic on being asked about the former DCW chairperson's whereabouts

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New Delhi: Swati Maliwal is not in a condition to talk’, her mother told Republic on being asked about the former DCW chairperson's whereabouts. For the unversed, Maliwal has been untraceable ever since she accused Arvind Kejriwal's PA, Bibhav Kumar of assault at the Chief Minister's residence. Sources within the Delhi Police said that they have also intensified their efforts to reach out to Maliwal. So far, two attempts have been made to contact her. Besides, an officer of the ACP rank also visited her residence in the National Capital. However, despite their efforts, Maliwal was not found at either of her two registered addresses. 

What Swati Maliwal's Mother Told Republic?

On being asked if she (Swati Maliwal) is being threatened, her mother firmly stated, "We are not in a state to talk." When pressed further on who might be threatening them, she reiterated, "It's her fight, and only she will speak when the time is right."

Expressing concern for her own health and the condition of her daughter, Swati's mother added, "I'm not well, and she is not in a state to talk." 


The family's decision not to file a police complaint and their abrupt departure from the police station raised questions, to which Swati's mother responded by thanking the media. 'I am thankful to the media for supporting us in our tough times', Maliwal's mother told Republic further. 

Is Swati Maliwal Being Pressured to Compromise

Addressing a presser, BJP's Shazia Ilmi attacked Arvind Kejriwal and asked, “He (Kejriwal) should tell the people of the country the truth behind the incident which happened at the CM house on 13th May. For the past 48 hours, women have been asking Arvind Kejriwal this question...Why is Arvind Kejriwal silent till now? Is Swati Maliwal being pressured to compromise?”

‘Action Against Kejriwal’

Earlier in the day, while speaking exclusively to Republic, Maliwal's ex-husband Naveen Jaihind attacked Kejriwal and demanded action against him.  

"An FIR should be lodged against Arvind Kejriwal because this happened at his home...Sanjay Singh is a parrot of Arvind Kejriwal. Singh knew that such an incident would take place, he knew what had happened...", Jaihind said.


He added, "You call that the Chief Minister's House, but it is actually a gutter house. This incident is dangerous and a huge scandal. An FIR should be lodged against Arvind Kejriwal because this happened at his residence. Swati's life is in danger due to threats; otherwise, no one would call the police and then return from the station. She is still being silenced. This is not a personal matter. I can't understand the silence of the MHA, Delhi Police, and NCW.

AAP Admits Assault Against Maliwal

Yesterday, senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh had said that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has taken cognisance of the matter and will take action against his close aide.

“At the residence of Arvind Kejriwal incident of misbehaviour took place with Swati Maliwal by Vibhav Kumar (Arvind Kejriwal's PA). Swati Maliwal has informed about this incident to the Delhi Police. This is a condemnable incident. Arvind Kejriwal has taken cognizance of the incident and has directed for strict action in the incident...", AAP leader Sanjay Singh said in an official statement.


What Swati Maliwal Had Alleged?

Maliwal had claimed that she was assaulted by Arvind Kejriwal’s close aide Bibhav Kumar at the Chief Minister's residence on Monday morning. Maliwal has accused Bibhav of beating her at the CM's residence. Officials said that two PCR calls were made around 10 am, after which a team from the Civil Lines police station reached the chief minister's residence. While an immediate reaction from the Chief Minister's residence is awaited, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has called it ‘fake news’.    


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