Updated May 21st, 2024 at 19:24 IST

Tandoori Ice Cream? Viral Video Shows Bizarre Ice Cream Bars Grilled On Charcoal

A viral video shows ice cream bars grilled tandoori-style, sparking humorous reactions and disbelief from Instagram users.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Tandoori Ice Cream? Viral Video Shows Bizarre Ice Cream Bars Grilled | Image:X: Foodb_unk

Nowadays food fusions are one of the things which are getting viral and for this people are creating many different dishes. We have seen many dishes with weird combinations, like Dahi Maggie, Dry Fruit Omelette, Diesel oil Paratha and the list has no end to it. We all love tandoori dishes and after that an ice cream for a good ending. But have you ever thought of mixing both of these things. And the latest addition to this trend is a dish combining these two, the tandoori ice cream bars. In this recipe the icy bars are placed on top of the grill. 

The viral video was posted on Instagram, showcases the whole preparation of the dish, and the users don’t know what to say on it. In the video the man has four ice creams, in which two of them are chocolate and the other looks vanilla. And then they placed all of them on the grill whereas charcoal was burning underneath. A few seconds later the man also drizzled colourful sprinkles on these ice cream bars. The text on the video reads, “Tandoori Choco-bar.”


Check out the viral video:

The video has got more than 12 lakh views and has more than 100 comments with 43,000 shares. 


The comment section of the video was also filled with people sharing their humorous takes on this bizarre food fusion. 

User’s reaction on the post:

The user put the trending “Moye Moye” song in the background and people in the comment section said this is ice cream’s Moye Moye. 

One user said, “How’s that not melting?”


“Garud puran mai iss k liye alag se saza likhi hui hai.”

Another one wrote in the comments, “Please sit on the tandur.”


“RIP Chocobar.”

“Why bro why? Us ice cream ne kya bigada tha.”


Published May 21st, 2024 at 19:24 IST