Updated April 12th, 2024 at 08:15 IST

Terrifying Video Of Tata Nano Losing Control, Hitting Coconut Tree And An Innocent Biker Goes Viral

Viral Video: A car traveling along the same road captured the 20-second video on its dashcam.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Careless Nano Driver Hits Biker On Road | Image:X

Viral: The roads in India are improving, but a lot of individuals who drive on them lack patience. Numerous incidents involving negligent driving practices that resulted in traffic accidents have come to our attention. Many drivers still lack a sense of driving, as seen by numerous cases found online. Here's a video of a negligent Tata Nano driver who loses control and hits the biker in front of him while attempting to overtake on a curve.

Tata Nano Almost Caused A Disaster

The video has been making the rounds on a number of social media sites. It is not stated exactly where this disaster occurred, but based on the surrounding area, it appears to be in South India. A car traveling along the same road captured the 20-second video on its dashcam. It looks like the road is passing through a village because there aren't many cars on it. A few cars are seen traveling in the other direction. Just as the car driver is about to turn a curve, a Tata Nano appears out of nowhere from behind a motorcycle. In an attempt to pass the car on the curve, the Nano driver loses control. The warnings not to overtake are clearly marked on the road. 

Careless Driving On Road

The Nano driver makes a lot of effort to recover control as the little hatchback moves violently left and right. But it's already too late. The car strikes a roadside coconut tree shortly after passing the bike in front. Upon impact, the car's rear lifts into the air together with the front end. As the biker passes on the right, the back of the Nano car strikes him, despite the rider's best efforts to avoid colliding with the vehicle.

Biker Escapes Death

In a couple of seconds, all of this takes place. The footage-capturing car stops and maintains a safe distance from the scene. After getting struck by the car and falling onto the road, the rider is seen pulling off the road for his own protection. To assist them, locals rush to the bike and the car. Vehicles approaching from the opposite direction are obstructed by a dry coconut palm leaf that is seen lying in the center of the road.


The Tata Nano driver is to blame in this instance. His impatience led him to try to pass on a curve. In addition to causing damage to other vehicles and inconveniencing other road users, the irresponsible driver also causes collisions. The rider, who was observing lane discipline, is also hurt in this collision. Luckily, there weren't many cars, so the biker got away with only minor injuries.


Published April 12th, 2024 at 08:15 IST