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The Moms Have It, The Moms Have It: Blinkit Puts 'Free Dhaniya' Option

To continue with our cherished customs, Blinkit has now come up with a fresh update with free dhaniya as a special gift with vegetable orders.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Edited by: Rajashree Seal
Blinkit Puts 'Free Dhaniya' Option | Image:Unsplash/X

Be it the crispy sookhi papdi that follows a plate of golgappe or a bunch of fresh dhaniya patta (coriander leaves), we as Indians just love this little perks that warm our hearts and make our daily life special. These small gestures by our local vendors which are more than just freebies symbolise a shared understanding and a unique bond between seller and buyer.

To continue with these cherished customs, online grocery delivery platform Blinkit has now come up with a fresh update with ‘free dhaniya’ as a special gift with vegetable orders exceeding a certain amount. 


This heartwarming gesture came about after a viral social media post from an X user highlighted the missing ‘free dhaniya’ for our desi Indian moms. The user shared an instance about how his mother was astonished when she discovered that she had to pay for dhaniya patta on Blinkit, which she gets for free while buying veggies from local vendors. 

He also added her mother’s advice that the green herb should be free on a significant order of vegetables. The user named Ankit Sawant also tagged the CEO of Blinkit, Albinder Dhindsa. The post quickly went viral, striking a chord with countless Indians who share similar experiences. 


He wrote, “Mom got a mini heart attack because she had to pay for dhaniya on Blinkit. Mom is suggesting that you should bundle it for free with certain amount of veggies."

Not only did the Mumbai man's post go viral on the social media platform, Blinkit CEO quickly jumped the gun and announced the new ‘free dhaniya feature’ for the app users.

CEO Albinder replied to the tweet with “Will do it,” and within hours he quoted the user’s post and wrote, “It’s live! Everyone please thank Ankit’s mom. We will polish the feature in next couple of weeks.” 


In the post, he also added a screenshot of a cart full of veggies in which the option to add free dhaniya was there with an order full of vegetables. 


While X users applauded Ankit's mother suggestion and called her a “marketing wiz”, they were also impressed with Blinkit's quick resolution. Meanwhile, some users even asked for free mirchis (green chillis) too.

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