Updated March 14th, 2024 at 19:18 IST

Ticketless Passengers Caught Assaulting TTE in Viral Video Before Karma Strikes Back

In a viral video, some ticketless passengers can be seen driving away a TTE with violence. But their triumph soon turned sour when the TTE returned.

Reported by: Digital Desk
Image for representative purposes only. | Image:PTI

New Delhi: Ticketless passengers travelling on trains and creating problems for ticketed passengers is not a new phenomenon but a recent viral video showed a group of free riders going a step further when they were confronted by the TTE (travelling ticket examiner). Instead of attempting to stay inconspicuous and out of sight of the authorities, the ticketless passengers can be seen manhandling the TTE when confronted in the widely shared video. Eventually, the TTE was forced to retreat from the coach but, as was made apparent in the second half of the video, this did not mean that the unauthorised free riders had gotten away scot-free with their antics. 

After the scuffle, the individual recording the video confronted the group of free riders about their less-than-appropriate behaviour with the TTE. Perhaps realising that the whole incident had been filmed, one of the ticketless passengers can be seen attempting to offer some sort of explanation for their behaviour. 

Whatever explanation was being offered ultimately did not help the free riders when the TTE returned, determined to teach the group a lesson by lodging an official complaint against them. As the TTE lodged the complaint, the free riders started pleading to him for their release but to no avail. 


The incident attracted a number of amused reactions from netizens, with many commenting on the brazen nature of the act of attacking the TTE when one does not possess a ticket.   


Published March 14th, 2024 at 19:18 IST