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'Mohabbat Ki Dukan Has Division Ka Saman?' Times When Rahul Gandhi Insulted Indian Jawans

Rahul Gandhi stirred controversy by insinuating that the BJP exploited the surgical strikes for political gains during the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

Reported by: Isha Bhandari
Times When Rahul Gandhi Insulted Indian Army | Image:PTI

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday called upon the Election Commission (ECI) to take stringent action against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his recent comments on the Indian Army. Gandhi's remarks, which suggested the Modi government has categorized soldiers based on socioeconomic backgrounds, have ignited a nationwide debate.

Times when Rahul Gandhi had insulted the Indian Army 

Earlier, on December 1, 2018, addressing a rally in Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi stirred controversy by insinuating that the BJP exploited the surgical strikes for political gains during the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. 

“The surgical strike was made public as the BJP was fighting elections in Uttar Pradesh. The 2016 surgical strike across the LoC was conducted to win the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. Modi actually reached into the Army's domain and shaped surgical strike into a political asset,” Rahul Gandhi stated. 


On December 17, 2022, Gandhi accused the Indian government of neglecting the looming threat from China, alleging territorial encroachments and mistreatment of Indian soldiers in Arunachal Pradesh.

“China is preparing for a war while the Indian government is asleep and trying to ignore the threat.China has taken away 2,000 square kilometres of Indian territory, killed 20 Indian soldiers and is beating up our jawans in Arunachal Pradesh,” he had said. 


In a YouTube video released on December 27, 2022, during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi engaged with Armed Forces' veterans, expressing concerns about India's vulnerability in the face of evolving geopolitical challenges. He highlighted the collaboration between China and Pakistan and emphasized the need for strategic preparedness.

"China and Pakistan have come together, if there will be any war then it will happen with both, so there will be a major loss for the country. India is now extremely vulnerable. I don't just have respect for you (Army) but also love and affection for you. You defend this nation. This nation would not exist without you. Earlier we had two enemies China and Pakistan and our policy was to keep them separate. First, it was said that two front war should not happen then people say there is two and a half-front war going on, that is, Pakistan, China and terrorism. Today there is one front that is China and Pakistan which are together. If the war happens it will happen with both. They are working together not only militarily but also economically,” Gandhi remarked. 


Moreover, on January 6, 2023, while criticizing a government scheme, Gandhi raised concerns about the treatment of soldiers, suggesting they would be discarded after serving a specific purpose.

“Agniveers will be given weapons for four years, and will be thrown out after that,” the Wayanad MP claimed. 


These statements have fueled criticism and drawn condemnation from political opponents and veterans alike, with the BJP demanding punitive action from the Election Commission. 

Air Staff Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria calls Rahul Gandhi’s remarks ‘outrageous’ 

Air Staff Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria while speaking exclusively to Republic TV hit out at Rahul Gandhi’s remarks and called them as “outrageous"

"The facts are wrong and the comment made by Rahul Gandhi is absolutely outrageous,” he said adding that “this is the politics to mislead the nation.” 


"Agniveer scheme was designed looking at future requirements of the armed forces,” RKS Bhadauria said. 

Bhadauria explained, “'The two types of Jawans' narrative is factually wrong and divisive. The selection process in Agniveer scheme is totally based on merits, religion has no role to play.”


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