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Tragic incident: Agra Woman Jumps On Railway Track To Scare Live-In Partner, Dies

A 38-year-old woman was mowed down by a train at the Raja Ki Mandi station in Agra after getting into a heated argument with her live-in partner.

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The woman jumped onto the railway tracks to scare her live-in partner, but ended up getting crushed | Image:X

Agra: Rani, a 38-year-old woman, tragically lost her life after being struck by a train at Raja Ki Mandi station in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The incident occurred during a heated argument with her live-in partner, Kishore. 

In an attempt to scare him, Rani jumped onto the railway tracks.


Within minutes, the live-in partners began arguing about his drinking, and Rani threatened to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train.

Despite Kishore’s attempts to dismiss her threats, Rani led him to Raja Ki Mandi station. After reaching the station, they continued arguing while sitting on chairs at Platform No. 2. Suddenly, Rani jumped onto the tracks to scare Kishore.


She didn't notice the approaching Kerala Express and couldn't climb back onto the platform in time. The train hit her as she tried to escape, and she got stuck between the train and the platform.

RPF outpost in-charge Laxman Pachauri and constables quickly responded, pulling Rani out from under the train and rushing her to SN Medical College. Sadly, she died from her injuries at the hospital. 


Inspector Samar Bahadur of the GRP Cantonment said that Rani's partner, Kishore, revealed that she had a troubled past, including the death of her former husband, Dharmendra, due to excessive drinking. Rani had been in a relationship with Kishore for over a year.

Rani's father, Vinod, was informed of the accident. He told the police that Rani had three sons from her previous marriage. Two lived with her, while the eldest lived separately.


Inspector Bahadur informed me that Rani's body had been sent for a post-mortem.

"As of now, no formal complaint has been lodged, but further action will be taken once a complaint is received,"  Inspector Bahadur said.























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