Updated May 6th, 2024 at 11:30 IST

Tripura Gears Up For Vande Bharat Express: Travel Time To Guwahati Slashed To 4-5 Hours

Vande Bharat Express prepares to debut in Tripura, with electrification works nearing completion, promising faster connectivity to Guwahati.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Tripura Gears Up For Vande Bharat Express: Travel Time To Guwahati Slashed To 4-5 Hours | Image:YouTube Screengrab

Excitement is brewing among both passengers and railway authorities as the highly anticipated Vande Bharat Express gears up to expand its reach to the northeastern state of Tripura. The iconic train, celebrated for its speed and efficiency, has already become a staple in various states across the country. Now, efforts are underway to connect the northeastern states to the Vande Bharat network, with Tripura eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Completion of electrification work:

According to reports, preparations for the introduction of the Vande Bharat Express in Tripura are nearing completion, bringing hope and anticipation to the residents of the state. The electrification of the North-East Frontier Railway tracks, a crucial step in facilitating the operation of the high-speed train, is nearing its final stages.

According to the report the North East Frontier Railway (NFR) has made significant progress in electrifying the existing railway network from Dharmanagar to Agartala, a development that brings the prospect of the Vande Bharat Express closer to reality for Tripura. Although the completion of this vital electrification work has faced delays due to the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct, it is anticipated that the Vande Bharat Express will commence operations in June or July upon its conclusion.


During an election rally in Dhanpur, Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Social Empowerment, Pratima Bhowmik, expressed optimism about the benefits the Vande Bharat Express would bring to Tripura. Bhowmik highlighted the significant reduction in travel time between Agartala and Guwahati, estimating it to be only four to five hours once the electrification work is completed. Notably, this journey currently takes approximately 12 hours by train.

He said,”It took them (previous governments) 44 years to bring trains from Dharmanagar (the entry point of Tripura) to Churaibari, while it took only two years for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take the broad gauge railway service to Agartala. 2020 Service has been provided up to Sabroom.”


He also said,”I had a meeting with Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav regarding the railway works in the north-eastern states and learned that the electrification work up to Agartala is expected to be completed by June or July.” Once completed, Vande Bharat Express will be extended up to Agartala and people of Tripura will reach Guwahati in four to five hours. At present, it takes 12 hours for people to travel between Agartala and Guwahati by train.” 


Published May 6th, 2024 at 11:30 IST