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Uttar Pradesh: At Least 6 Children Drown in Canal in Bahraich, 4 Dead

At least 6 children drowned in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich, while bathing in a canal located in the Nanpara area leading to the death of 4.

Reported by: Abhishek Tiwari
6 children drown in canal in UP's Bahraich | Image:social media

Bahraich: At least 6 children drowned in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich, while bathing in a canal located in the Nanpara area. However, the people present nearby during the incident, immediately jumped to rescue the children and managed to retrieve two children safely from the canal. Later, on the information, the local police along with a team of deep-divers and other concerned authorities reached the spot and retrieved the dead bodies of the 4 children after hours of search operation. Among the deceased three are girls. The police have sent the bodies for post-mortem and have initiated a probe into the matter.

According to the police sources, the deceased have been identified as Aanchal, Choini, Rahul and Mahi, all residents of the Girdharpur village. The said canal is located near the Kotwali Nanpara of the Girdharpur village.


Police have sent the bodies for post-mortem

As per the villagers, in the brunt of scorching heat, people of the village usually take bath in the canal. On Wednesday, several children of the village went to the canal to take a bath. During that time, the children went into the deep water and started drowning in the canal.


On witnessing the children drowning in the canal, the people present nearby immediately jumped into the canal and saved two of them.

On information, a police team from the Nanpara police station also reached the spot along with deep divers and fished out the bodies of a boy and three girls and after conducting hours long rescue operation.


The bodies were later sent for the post-mortem. Reportedly, over a dozen children had gone to take a bath in the canal to get relief from the scorching heat. During which 4 among the 6 drowning children died. Meanwhile, the incident led to major chaos in the village.

An eyewitness stated, “While bathing, one of them went into deep water and started drowning. In order to save him, the other children rushed towards him and also drowned in the deep water. The people present nearby, meanwhile, jumped and saved two of them, while the other four drowned.”


The police have registered a case into the matter and initiated further legal action. 


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