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'Mantasha’ to ‘Mansi Maurya’: Muslim Girl Develops Affinity for ‘Sanatan Dharma', Marries Hindu Man

She said that she began to admire the ‘Sanatan Dharma’ after she came to know about the religion while being in a relationship with her Hindu lover.

Reported by: Abhishek Tiwari
Muslim girl accepts 'Sanatan Dharma' after marrying Hindu lover in Uttar Pradesh's Raebareli | Image:social media/ representational

Raebareli: A Muslim woman from Uttar Pradesh’s Raebareli on Sunday accepted ‘Sanatan Dharma’ after getting married to her lover from the Sanatan Dharma with complete rituals at a Hindu temple. Following her acceptance of the Sanatan Dharma, she said that she began to like, admire and have faith in the ‘Sanatan Dharma’ after she came to know about the religion while being in a relationship with her lover (Now husband).

After accepting the Sanatan Dharma, Raebareli girl ‘Mantasha’ has now become ‘Mansi Maurya’. She reportedly took the strong step to accept the Hindu religion despite opposition from her family members.


Had to face strong objection from the family, says the girl

The marriage has now become talk of town in Raebareli.


Following the marriage, she said that as a Muslim girl she was having a love affair with her husband, who belongs to Hindu religion. As their love affair flourished, she even began liking the culture, rituals and beliefs of the Sanatan Dharma.

Eventually, she married her lover in a temple with full Hindu rituals, despite a strong opposition from her family, she married her lover from Sanatan Dharma in a temple with full Hindu rituals.


Sources said that Mantasha, a resident of Salon Kotwali, had fallen in love with a Hindu man named Ashish Maurya, who used to reside in her neighbourhood. Due to the religious difference, Mantasha's family members strongly objected to her proposal of getting married to a Hindu man.

Eventually, Mantasha rebelled against her family and married Ashish Maurya at a Hindu temple. Not only this, she even accepted the Hindu religion after the marriage and changed her name from Mantasha to Mansi Maurya. 


Published February 25th, 2024 at 21:00 IST