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VIRAL: Anand Mahindra Highlights Selfie Disorder With An Old Titanic Meme | Decoding Truth

VIRAL: The final Titanic sinking scene is depicted in the meme, which has been circulating around the Internet for a while.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
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Viral: The most crucial thing to do when someone is in danger is to make sure they are safe and okay. It's critical to take prompt, responsible action when offering assistance or contacting emergency services. However, there's a trend these days where friends who received a lot of views, likes, or comments target injured victims in an attempt to reach their virtual goals. Despite the seriousness of the situation, people begin filming videos in the hopes of garnering likes and comments on social media. On X, former Twitter, Anand Mahindra posted a meme similar to this one and stated, "If the Titanic sank today. This meme first came out back in 2015. But it feels more and more relevant with every passing day."   

Titanic Meme: Relevant Every Day

The final Titanic sinking scene is depicted in the meme, which has been circulating around the Internet for a while. Individuals who are about to drown lose consciousness and become obsessed with taking pictures and videos. Viewers who believe this meme is becoming more and more relevant every day have given the post over 43,000 views, 2,500 likes, and several comments since Anand Mahindra posted it on X.

Real Meaning Of 'Titanic Meme' 

As technology advances in the twenty-first century, people become less concerned with their surroundings and more bonded to virtual objects. They are neglecting humanity because they are so absorbed in their virtual lives. These days, people are becoming so self-centered that they are only interested in their own financial gain. Human nature has evolved to the point where a person will only assist if they stand to gain financially. Humans' profit-losing behavior makes others question someone's willingness to lend a hand.


It may seem normal to hold a smartphone above your head and twist your hand at strange angles to take the ideal selfie that captures your mood or smile, especially if you're a young person. But according to recent research, if the need to take and share selfies goes unchecked and beyond control, it might be a sign of underlying mental health problems or selfie disorder.  


Published January 12th, 2024 at 13:49 IST