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Viral Dance: DJ Floor Turns Into Wrestling Ring, Netizens Taking Jibe | WATCH video

Viral dance video is from a wedding showing two guys dancing on the dance floor, one guy slams the other like wrestling pro.

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
Dance Floor Turns Into Wresting Ring, Video Goes Viral | Image:X

Viral: A video going viral on social media, where one guy is slamming the other on the dance floor. The viral dance video is from a wedding showing two guys dancing on the dance floor.

One guy is in yellow shirt and the other one is in white shirt. The guy wearing yellow shirt looks more robust and bulky while the other guy in white shirt is skinny in appearance.


Both the dancers hit the dance floor at the same time, but it looks like the guy in yellow doesn't want the skinny guy to around when he is dancing. 

As soon as the skinny guys hits the dance floor, the guy in yellow shirt turns him down just like a wrestler. The happens so fast that the skinny guy doesn't even get a chance to retaliate.


In the second part of the viral dance video the skinny guy gets up and hits the floor once again, but the wrestler already on the floor turns him down again and this time he does it even harder.

Watch Viral Video Here:


The entire incident captured in a camera, shot by the onlookers in the wedding. 


Tail does not end here, the viral video comes with an interesting caption says, “Rohit Sharma dancing with Hardik Pandya at Ambani's pre wedding" taking a jibe at the cricket stars on attending wedding together.

Viewers on the other hand taking jibe escalating debate further. One user comments, “looks like he will not play white ball domestic cricket for now”, the other viewer comments, “Ye batao isme se rohit kon hai aur hardik kon”.

screengrab from comment section

Looking at the comment section one can say that this funny debate is far from settling. 



Published March 2nd, 2024 at 17:38 IST