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Viral : X User's Mixed Reviews On Vande Bharat Express , Praised For Accessibility And Amenities

User reviews Vande Bharat Express: mixed feelings on window shield, snacks, praised washroom, braille accessibility, and decent ice cream.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
X User's Mixed Reviews On Vande Bharat Express | Image:X: @epicnephrin_e

The Vande Bharat Express train is one of the most advanced trains running in India, and people are sharing their experiences of the train after travelling. And in that series, a new post has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter). This time, one user from Kolkata also shared her experience after travelling on the Vande Bharat Express on X. She rated all the things, from food to the window’s shield, in her X post. The user, @epicnephrin_e shared her reviews in an X thread of 7 tweets.

So let’s take a look at the post completely. 

  • First, she started the thread by sharing how the window shield, which is supposed to block the sun's rays, is not blocking it completely. And she has to take cover with her denim jacket.
  • In the second part of this thread, she shared her reviews of the snacks that she got. According to her, the snacks were average and similar to Shatabdi Express snacks.  
  • Then she moved onto the dinner, which she found decent, and it was warm as well.  
  • She then shared a video in which she showed the automatic doors. She pressed the button on the door, and it slid open. 
  • In the fifth part of the post, she shared a picture of the washroom and praised the arrangements. She wrote, “The washroom truly is the best(I have seen) in a train. Both indian and western style toilets are available complete with hand wash dispenser and automatic hand dryers. The flush surprisingly works well.”  
  • In the next part, she shared images of the use of braille translation for everything written in English. She wrote, “The best part is There’s braille translation for everything :).” 
  • And in the final part of the thread, she ended it with sweetness, posted a picture of ice cream, and wrote, “There was ice cream as well(decent)-” 

The viral post has more than 10 lakh views and several comments, with 7800 likes. People in the comments section also shared their experiences and views on it.  

Let’s take a look at the comments. 

The Indian railways is upgrading the overall infrastructure including the train food. 


Published May 1st, 2024 at 20:28 IST