Updated April 30th, 2024 at 17:43 IST

Viral Video: Boyfriend's PS4 Destroyed, Girlfriend's Surprise Leaves Him Speechless

In the viral video girlfriend smashing her boyfriend's PS4 only to surprise him later.

Reported by: Navya Dubey
Girlfriend Destroys Boyfriend’s PS4 Only To Surprise Him Later | Image:X

In the viral video the girl can be seen destroying her boyfriend’s PS4 only to surprise him later. 

In the video the girl breaks her boyfriend's PlayStation 4. He looked shocked and speechless. After she left the room, he was still standing there, surprised. But then she came back with a new PS5 and gave it to him as a surprise. He was so happy and hugged her right away. The video ends with them hugging, and everyone on the Internet was amazed.

The video is shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) with a caption, “Broke her boyfriend's heart and fixed it again within 30 seconds.”


The video crossed 6.8 lakh views on social media along with several reactions from social media users. While some found the video hilarious, others disapproved of the idea. 

Most of the gamers believed that the old consoles are not meant to be destroyed and rather should be kept safely.


One user wrote, “The lost saves will keep him up for years.” “She will still have to answer for it. What of my saved games, what if I don’t have backups. Again old consoles are to be kept as history, not destroyed,” writer another. An individual said “Best video on the Internet.” Meanwhile, a user joked demanding a new car as he noted, “I need someone to break mine with my car, and fix it back.”



Published April 30th, 2024 at 17:43 IST