Updated February 27th, 2024 at 13:11 IST

Viral Video: Brother and Sister Recreated Dance Moves From 15 Years Back, Internet Adores

A wholesome video of brother and sister recreating the dance which they used to do in childhood is getting viral on Instagram.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Brother and Sister Recreated Dance Moves From 15 Years Back | Image:Instagram: shreyasavlachoreography

Remember the FRIENDS episode of New Year’s Eve when they danced on “the routine,” a performance that they used to do in the 8th grade? It was wholesome, wasn't it? And just like this, a video has surfaced on the internet in which a duo of brothers and sisters performed a dance at a wedding function. This is the same dance that they used to do in their childhood, years ago. 

The current video was collaged with the old video, and the steps were absolutely the same. The song on which the duo performed was “Ab Toh Forever” from the Bollywood movie “Ta Ra Rum Pum.” The trending video was posted on Instagram by Shreya Savla, a Mumbai dancer, and she wrote, “15 years later, and they are still the same,” and she also mentioned the brother and sister in the caption. 

The viral video starts with both of them starting the dance from standing on the corners, and it was merged with the old video of them dancing 15 years ago. All the dance moves were similar in these videos. 

The viral video has 38 lakh views and 3 lakh likes. The users of Instagram reacted with their comments in the replies. One user wrote, “The hard part is to know that this song is 15 yrs old now. Feels like it was released yesterday.” Another one wrote, “How lovely of your family members to help with your reminiscence on this event.”



Published February 27th, 2024 at 13:11 IST