Updated February 5th, 2024 at 20:54 IST

Viral Video: 'Chocolate Paratha' Trends On Internet, But Not Everyone's Impressed | WATCH

A viral video of traditional Indian cuisine 'Paratha' has caught attention of many food enthusiasts, watch more

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
Chocolate Paratha Goes Viral on Internet | Image:Instagram/Viral

The 'chocolate paratha,' a sweet variation of the classic Indian cuisine, has sparked a lively debate on social media. Parathas, typically stuffed with spiced potatoes or paneer, this unconventional fusion dish has divided opinions. 

Instead of the usual savoury fillings, the chocolate paratha features a delectable mixture of chocolate, creating a unique and seemingly contrasting blend of flavours. 


This departure from tradition has caught attention, with food enthusiasts experimenting with the fusion of sweet and savoury elements. 

Video shows making of a chocolate paratha on Instagram has gained significant attention, crossed over 3K likes and further fueling the ongoing discussion.


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Social media platform have become a battleground for those who embrace the chocolate paratha trend and those stand against it. Critics have flooded comment sections with their disapproval, citing the unconventional pairing as unsettling.

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