Updated May 6th, 2024 at 15:23 IST

Viral Video: Digital Creator Surprises Auto Driver With Water Bottle, Warms Hearts Online | Watch

Digital creator Joyee surprises auto driver with a thoughtful gift, spreading kindness and warmth in a heartwarming viral video.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Digital Creator Surprises Auto Driver With Water Bottle, Warms Hearts | Image:Instagram: cheerfulbong

Social media is becoming a place where you can see everything. From the newest food experiments to the easy way to do everything. Moreover, people share their daily lives on the platform also and do gestures which have the power to restore the fain in humanity. Recently, a heartening video surfaced on social media showcasing a passenger's touching act of appreciation towards an auto driver, garnering immense attention and admiration online.

The video, originally shared by digital creator Joyee on Instagram, has captured the hearts of viewers across the platform. In the now-viral clip, Joyee expresses her gratitude towards an auto driver who has been faithfully assisting her with commuting since her school days. Recognizing his dedication and hard work, Joyee decided to surprise him with a small token of appreciation.


Watch the viral video:

The video has close to 10 lakh views with 1 lakh likes. The caption of the video says, “Choti choti khushiyan hi to jeene ka sahara hai.” 


The video begins with Joyee seated in the auto, accompanied by the diligent driver navigating through the bustling streets. With a thoughtful eye, Joyee zooms her camera towards the driver's plastic water bottle, sparking the idea for her heartwarming gesture. Moments later, viewers witness the touching exchange as Joyee presents the driver with a brand new water bottle, eliciting genuine happiness and gratitude from the recipient.


Accompanying the video is a heartfelt message from Joyee, stating, “This auto driver brings me home from school every day. I have been thinking for a long time that I will gift him a bottle instead of this plastic bottle. Today is Labour Day and today I gifted him a bottle as best as I could.”

Since its sharing, the video has resonated deeply with viewers, accumulating over 96,000 likes and an astounding nine lakh views on the platform. The comments section reflects the overwhelming positivity and appreciation for Joyee's kind gesture and the driver's genuine reaction.


People’s reaction in the comments:

"He will most probably give it to his kids... that's how parents are, good gesture by you..." remarked one user, highlighting the ripple effect of kindness.


"This is so sweet," echoed another commenter, encapsulating the sentiment shared by many touched by the video.

The genuine joy displayed by the auto driver upon receiving the unexpected gift has left a lasting impression on viewers, with one individual noting, “His smile in the end says it all. Beautiful gesture.”


Amidst the scorching heatwave, a viewer offered practical advice, suggesting, “In this heatwave this action is very welcome...Plz tell him to bring matke ka thanda pani from his home in that thermos bottle and drink it throughout the day.”

In a world often overshadowed by negativity, stories like these serve as powerful reminders of the kindness that surrounds us. As one Instagram user aptly put it, "Well done," acknowledging the significance of such acts in fostering compassion and empathy in society.


Published May 6th, 2024 at 15:23 IST