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Viral Video: Elderly Woman Happily Plays With Snow On Her First Break In 60 Years | WATCH

Viral: The video is a heartfelt reminder of how important it is to set aside time each day to enjoy the small things in life.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Enjoying Her First Break in 60 Years, an Elderly Woman Plays Happily with Snow | Image:X

Viral: In the gorgeous snowy mountains in Koksar village, Himachal Pradesh, an old lady took her well-earned holiday after sixty years and joyfully played with the snow. On April 29, Neil Mukti, her son, posted a video of the endearing moment to X. A video of the touching moment was recorded by her son as the happy woman was seen playing with snow, picking it up and throwing it into the air.

Heartwarming Video

Background information on the joyous occasion is included in the video description, which also emphasizes the woman's initial hesitation due to her concern for her husband. Despite her concerns, the son persisted, and in the end she consented to go on the chilly journey, which marked a turning point in her life. "After 60 hard years, my mum is finally having a good rest," Neil wrote on social media after posting the video. “She was worried about my dad, so even then, it took a lot of convincing. The majority of Indian males, in my opinion, don't deserve Indian women.”

Netizens React

Over 100,000 people have watched the video on X, (formerly Twitter) since it was posted online. Individuals have expressed their opinions in the post's comments area. A person who related to Neil's caption commented, "Aww, how cute! I have traveled a lot with my mother. She really enjoys and probably absorbs more than us. She ends up penning better travelogues than us. The metaphors and imageries. Ufff! Unfortunately she isn’t well and her mobility is restricted." Another person said, "I wish & hope this video reaches to the most wholesome nos in the world. Extremely heart warming and so much emotional at the same time. Sad but that true part that, that Indian men don't deserve Indian women. I see my mother everyday and realise that, but I'll show this to her," 


The video is a heartfelt reminder of how important it is to set aside time each day to enjoy the small things in life.




Published April 30th, 2024 at 10:30 IST