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Viral Video: Gold And Silver Pani Puri With Dry Fruits Filling Sparks Debate In India

Ahmedabad's viral fried Panipuri with dry fruits, thandai, gold, and silver foil sparks debate on authenticity among foodies.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Gold And Silver Pani Puri With Dry Fruits Filling Sparks Debate In India | Image:Instagram: cherishing_the_taste_

The food experiment is currently one of the biggest trends in India, and we can see many new fusions every day on social media. From Omelet with Dry Fruits Draws to Fruit Panipuri, and many more, there is no end to it. Panipuri is one of the most popular snacks in India, and it has a different place among foodies. 

But a recent viral video shows a bizarre food combination with our beloved pani puri from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A vendor has reinvented the filling on pani puri, and instead of filling it with traditional aloo masala, he filled it with dry fruits and replaced the masala water with thandai. And according to the food stall, this panipuri is completely hygienic and healthy. 


One food stall named Shareat is India’s stall vendor to offer hygienic fried Pani Puri. This one plate comes with six puris with pani puri filling and thandai, and the unique thing about this pani puri is the coating of gold and silver foil. After all this glittery pani puri, people in the comment section have mixed reactions. Some of them praised the creativity and cleanliness, while others were arguing about the real taste of roadside pani puri.

The vlogger wrote, “Gold & Silver Panipuri. Shareat is India’s first Hygiene Live Fried Panipuri. Actually love the taste, it’s obviously a sweet dish, the fried poori and other ingredients tastes so great together. If you have sweet tooth, you gonna love it, also their regular range of panipuri is a must try too.” 


Watch the Viral Video:

In the start of this viral video, the vendor starts making a plate with six fried puris in it. He started shredding the almonds and adding them to the puri, along with other dry fruits like almonds and pistachios. Further, he also adds honey to enhance the flavours and serves it with thandai in little glasses. And at the end, he covers each of the puris with gold and silver foil. 


People In The Comments Section:

After sharing, the viral video has gotten 26 lakh views and more than 50,000 likes. Users in the comments shared their reactions to the video. 

One user wrote, “It Should Be Called BAPPI LAHIRI pani puri.”


A second one said, “Paipuri ko panipuri hi rehne do mehlo ki Rani man banao.”

“Nai badhani net worth… hum thele pe theek hai,” said another one. 


A fourth user said, “Change the name also, when you have changed everything.”



Published April 15th, 2024 at 11:39 IST