Updated March 12th, 2024 at 17:17 IST

Viral Video: Groom Asks Bride to Apply Sindoor Breaks Stereotypes, Wins Hearts Online

Groom's unconventional request for bride to apply sindoor captivates online audience, sparking discussions on tradition and love's authenticity.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Groom Asks Bride to Apply Sindoor Breaks Stereotypes, Wins Hearts Online | Image:IG: officialhumansofbombay and fitnessbykush

There are thousands of love stories that originated on Earth, and some of those are centuries old, which we have never seen. But every now and then, some incidents take place that make us believe that true love exists, and one similar story has gone viral on social media. In telling his story, Kush described how he met his wife in 2013 and how everything went along. He never, in his wildest dreams, thought that he would marry this girl after nine years. 

But the recent viral reel is not about this whole love story; it's about a small part of the wedding ritual that has broken the stereotypes. He asked his wife Kasak to put sindoor on him as well, and the man has won every heart on the internet. 

This story was shared by Kush and officialhumansofbombay, and soon after posting, the viral Instagram reel garnered 25 lakh views and 70,000 likes. Kush wrote, “I had just shifted to Bangalore for college in 2013. And then I found out that she actually was my senior! I thought, ‘Wow…is this meant to be?’ So, a week later, I stood at the juice shop & thought, ‘Kuch bol, kuch toh bol.’ And that moment, my brilliant brain decided to ask her, ‘Peeliya juice?’ Obviously, she’d finished drinking it – she was throwing the empty glass! But she replied saying, ‘Ha, tumne?’ And from then on, I looked for every chance to talk to her & slowly we became good friends.” 

Watch the viral video: 

He also added that at first her mother was not ready for this, but Kasak’s efforts when his mother was ill made her believe that he wouldn’t get a better girl than her. 

Moreover, the comment section was also filled with positive replies. 

One user wrote, “Straight Outta movie, stay blessed<3.”

Another one wrote, “So beautiful it feels unreal to see guys like these exist.” 

A third one wrote, “When I read these stories I understand that true love exist.” 

The fourth user commented, “Love find you in an unexpected way.” 


Published March 12th, 2024 at 17:17 IST