Updated March 12th, 2024 at 15:20 IST

Viral Video: Groom's Hilarious Attempts To Annoy Future Wife Sets New Relationship Goals

Groom's salon antics with bride-to-be go viral, setting new relationship goals! The Internet stitches over adorable behind-the-scenes moments.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Groom's Hilarious Attempts To Annoy Future Wife Sets New Relationship Goals | Image:Instagram: Diksha & Fenny

A viral video is making the rounds on social media and is setting new relationship goals for men. In this, a man is trying to annoy his wife when she was in the salon getting ready for her wedding. The funny part of this reel was that this man is the groom, and they are going to get married in a few hours. The whole conversation was wholesome, and the bride was doing everything to make the groom leave the makeup room. 

It was shared by the Instagram handle ‘Diksha & Fenny', and the caption was, “Cutest groom and bride BTS in the makeup room. Their cute conversation made us laugh like anything … groom definitely didn’t want to leave the room. He was enjoying watching his bride getting ready and entertaining her with his cute talk.” 

Watch the video:

Soon after being posted, the video went viral and left people laughing. Someone wrote in the comment, “POV: When two best friends get married.” 

The viral Instagram reel has gotten 60 lakh views and more than 2 lakh likes. People in the comments called this bond cute and said the groom was successful in making the bride annoyed. 

One user in the comments said, “PAPA KO PHONE LAGANA– was the best trick till date for every wife to win the discussion.” 

Another one said, “She gave him the look, and he said sorry.”

A third one wrote in the comments, “Hahahahahah! Yeh hai couple goals.”


Published March 12th, 2024 at 15:20 IST