Updated April 27th, 2024 at 20:52 IST

Viral Video: Hostel Resident's Hilarious 'Mexican Taco, Sparks Laughter And Sympathy

An Indian student's humorous Instagram video transforms hostel dinner into 'Mexican taco', resonating with viewers worldwide amid shared culinary struggles.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Hostel Resident's Hilarious 'Mexican Taco, Sparks Laughter and Sympathy | Image:Instagram: chaitan.chatz

Sreyasi Chaitan, a resident of PG accommodation, tackled the infamous hostel food struggle with a dash of humor in a viral Instagram video. Featuring her dinner plate adorned with rice, brinjal fry, and an unconventional roti, Chaitan quipped, "This might look like a roti, but don't be fooled. We eat it with salsa dip and some salad stuffed inside. This is a Mexican taco."

The video struck a chord with viewers, many unfamiliar with Mexican cuisine, as they chuckled at the uncanny resemblance between the crispy roti and a traditional taco shell. Chaitan's witty narration turned a mundane meal into an amusing anecdote.


Watch the Video: 

Chaitan shared the video with a caption that says, “crispy tha😍.” 


This incident isn't isolated; hostel food woes have gained traction online before. In another recent video, a student struggled to break through a rock-hard paratha, showcasing the disappointment of receiving tough, inedible flatbreads instead of the desired soft, buttery ones.


Chaitan's video injected levity into a universally relatable experience, shedding light on the culinary challenges faced by students in PG accommodations.

People’s Reactions in the comments:

People in the comment section replied in a humorous way. 

One user said, “Taco Bell's getting the toughest competition ever... Best wishes.” 


Another user wrote, “Nass kaat de roti se.” 

A third one said, “Meanwhile my Maggie is boiling silently in the hostel room.” 




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